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Rabbi David Levy Senior Director of Teen Learning
Michelle Rich Director, Teen Travel and Programs
Abe Fried-Tanzer USY Project Coordinator
Naomi Nason USY Program Coordinator
Mira Rotter USY Program Associate
Laurie Kamens Marketing Communications Manager
Aviva Tilles USY Systems Manager/Regional Youth Director Team Leader
Michal Chacham Central Shlicha
David Keren Director, USY Israel Programs
Yossi Garr Director, Nativ
Deborah Shafran Assistant Director of Nativ, Admissions
Zoe Grossman Nativ Admissions and Program Associate
Leslie Lichter Chief Innovation and Implementation Officer

Central District

The Central District spans 18 states and 2 Canadian provinces, from Western Pennsylvania to the Great Plains, north to Manitoba and Saskatchewan, west to Colorado, and south to Texas.

Jacki Honig  Interim Regional Youth Director CRUSY
Julie Marder Regional Youth Director CHUSY
Ethan Helfand Regional Youth Director EMTZA
Maury Jacobs Regional Youth Director SWUSY

METNY District

METNY includes Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx; Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam counties, and Greenwich, Connecticut.

Ben Varon Regional Youth Director METNY
Sydney Weinberg Assistant Regional Youth Director METNY

Mid-Atlantic District

The Mid-Atlantic district includes all of New Jersey and Delaware, and Pennsylvania from the Delaware River to Altoona.

Josh Ull Regional Youth Director Hagalil
Katie Herron Regional Youth Director EPA/Hagesher
Corey Bass Regional Youth Coordinator EPA/Hagesher

Northeast District

The Northeast District includes Ontario and the Canadian provinces to its east, New England (except Greenwich, Connecticut), and New York state north of the New York City metropolitan area.

Jessie Greenspan Regional Youth Director ECRUSY
Joyce Juda Regional Youth Director NERUSY/Hanefesh
Steven Resnick Assistant Regional Youth Director NERUSY
Jason Kay Regional Youth Coordinator Hanefesh
Julie Marder  Interim Regional Youth Director Tzafon

Northern Pacific Region

The Northern Pacific region includes the Pacific seaboard from northern California up to British Columbia, Alberta, and Alaska.

Sarah Miller Regional Youth Director New Frontier
Rebecca Powazek Regional Youth Director Pinwheel

Pacific Southwest Region

The Pacific Southwest region includes southern California, southern Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Hawaii.

Michael Becker Regional Youth Director Far West
Darren Klein Assistant Regional Youth Director Far West
Yaara Koren Far West Shlichah Far West

Southeast Seaboard District

The combined Seaboard and Southeast regions stretch south down the eastern seaboard from Maryland to Florida, go west to include Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and east to include the islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Barbados.

Stephanie Nichol Regional Youth Director HaNegev
Sasha Bloch Regional Youth Director Seaboard
Abby Kerbel Assistant Regional Youth Director Seaboard

International Executive Board

Position Name Region
President Ethan Feuer METNY
Israel Affairs VP Danu Rojzman HaNegev
Religion/Education VP Cara Kupferman METNY
Social Action/Tikun Olam VP Hannah Weiss HaNegev
Membership/Kadima VP Eric Wertheim METNY
Communications VP Louis Popkin Seaboard

International General Board

Position Name(s) Region(s)
Communications Committee Jake Klaiman EMTZA
Marissa Friedman Pinwheel
Rachel Gotterer HaNegev
Israel Affairs Committee Leah Kramer Tzafon
Yael Rogoszinski METNY
Liat Wasserman CHUSY
Social Action/Tikun Olam Committee Brandon Kaufman Far West
Gabrielle Zwi Seaboard
Jen Berenson HaNegev
Dani Goodman Far West
Jessie Goldberg EMTZA
Religion/Education Committee Sarah Eligberg Tzafon
Alan Imar HaNegev
Sophie Libow HaNegev
Arielle Yacker Hagesher
Membership/Kadima Committee Sami Ronik HaNegev
Abe Browne METNY
Jesse Vaknin Hagalil
Daniel Tabibian New Frontier
Summer Program Outreach Chairs Isaac Bensignor METNY
Eric Zucker METNY
Amanda Gottlieb EPA
First Year Representative Liran Maayani METNY
Ilan Cohen Seaboard
Josh Arbess ECRUSY
Joey Abeles Far West
Alumni Network Chair Mikayla Golub METNY
International Convention Co-Chairs Noa Rose EMTZA
Harrison Steier NERUSY


CHUSY is the Chicago-based region of United Synagogue Youth and includes local chapters from Chicago as well as Madison and Milwaukee, WI and Northwest Indiana.

PresidentLiat Wasserman
Executive VPJessica Perl
Israel Affairs VPEmma Siegel
Religion/Education VPRebecca Greenstein
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPZani Spiegel
Membership/Kadima VPBari Sigal
Communications VPHarrison Freeman




CRUSY is the Central Region of United Synagogue Youth and includes local chapters from parts of Indiana, all of Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

PresidentJeremy Rosenberg
Israel Affairs VPCyrus Benis
Religion/Education VPAllison Bloomberg
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPMiriam Lupovitch
Membership/Kadima VPBrooke Suddleson
Communications VPSarah Borow




ECRUSY is the Eastern Canadian region of United Synagogue Youth and includes local chapters from the province of Ontario.

PresidentJoshua Bienstock
Executive/Israel Affairs VP
Sarit Bitnun
Religion/Education VPAaron Bloom
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPMaya Blankenstein
Membership/Kadima VPMolly Pascoe
Communications VPElian Rubineau




EMTZA is the Midwest region of United Synagogue Youth and includes local chapters from Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, and Southeast Illinois.

PresidentJessie Goldberg
Executive VP
Sam Altshuler
Israel Affairs VPSam Orloff
Religion/Education VPZakai Rose
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPElliot Schochet
Membership/Kadima VPAbby Flekier
Communications VPRaphy Gendler



EPA / Hagesher USY

EPA is the Eastern Pennsylvania region of United Synagogue Youth and the Hagesher USY region includes local chapters from the greater Philadelphia area, southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

Co- PresidentAlex Blumenthal
Darah Backal
Executive/Israel Affairs VPDanielle Gershen
Religion/Education VPAliza Bromberg Gaber
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPJosh Rosen
Membership/Programming VPSimmy Decker
Co-Communications VPMatt Weiss
Co-Communications VPAmanda Gottlieb



Far West USY

Far West is the Pacific Southwest region of United Synagogue Youth and includes local chapters from the southern part of California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Hawaii.

PresidentNoah Lee
Executive/Programming VPJeffrey Gold
Israel Affairs VPIdan Mualim
Religion/Education VPNadav Kempinski
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPBrandon Kaufman
Membership/Programming VPJoey Abeles
Communications VPTalia Harnoy
ParlimentarianCarmen Levine



Hagalil USY

Hagalil is the New Jersey region of United Synagogue Youth and includes local chapters from Northern New Jersey and part of Staten Island, NY.

PresidentJesse Vaknin
Executive/Israel Affairs VPMax Kopla
Religion/Education VPAviva Kamens
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPJosh Eiger
Membership/Programming VPHannah Eiger
Communications VPWilliam Roberts



Hanefesh USY

Hanefesh USY includes local chapters from Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

PresidentJacob Silverstein
Executive/Israel Affairs VPMeital Wiederhorn
Religion/Education VPEmily Anfang
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPClaire Seige
Membership/Programming VPHallel Shapiro-Franklin
Communications VPUri Cattan



HaNegev USY

HaNegev is the Southeastern region of United Synagogue Youth and includes local chapters from southern North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.

PresidentSami Ronik
Executive/Membership Kadima VPSteven Ginsberg
Religion/Education VPSophie Libow
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPJen Berenson
Israel Affairs VPJoel Rittenberg
Communications VPRachel Gotterer
Arvot Subregional PresidentHannah Wolf
Mercaz Subregional PresidentMichelle Hajdenberg
Ein Gedi Subregional PresidentNoa Leigh Hubara




METNY is the Metropolitan New York region of United Synagogue Youth and includes local chapters from Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, Rockland, Orange County, Westchester, and Greenwich, CT.

PresidentAlex Kristal
Executive/Israel Affairs VPYael Rogoszinski
Religion/Education VPJared Rogers
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPEmily Rosenberg
Membership/Kadima VPEric Zucker
Communications VPMatthew Benak
Emek Divisional PresidentAvi Carr-Gloth
Ruach Divisional PresidentAbe Browne
Sababa Divisional PresidentZachary Zabib




NERUSY is the New England region of United Synagogue Youth and includes local chapters from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

PresidentZev Sernik
Executive/Religion Education VP
Shira Farbman
Israel Affairs/Programming VPTalia Schnur
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPJoey Wolpert
Membership/Kadima VPNoah Schulze
Communications VPSam Rothkopf



New Frontier USY

New Frontier is the Northern California region of United Synagogue Youth and includes local chapters from Reno, NV.

PresidentDaniel Tabibian
Executive/Programming VPIndia Jeremy
Religion/Education VPJonathan Dombro
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPNoa Oberman
Membership/Kadima VPJosh Simkovitz
Israel Affairs/Regalia VPNoam Tadelis
Communications VPDalia Tabibian



Pinwheel USY

Pinwheels is the Pacific Northwest region of United Synagogue Youth and includes local chapters from Washington State, Oregon, and Idaho and British Columbia and Alberta in Canada.

PresidentHannah Glass
Israel Affairs VPNate Sigmon
Religion/Education VPJuliana Sherer
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPRachel Coskey
Membership/Kadima VPYuval Berenstein
Communications VPMarissa Friedman



Seaboard USY

Seaboard USY includes local chapters from Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and northeastern North Carolina.

PresidentJordan Kalfon
Israel Affairs VPMatan Admi
Religion/Education VPMatthew Kaminow
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPZack Sieff
Membership/Kadima VPHannah Wandersman
Communications VPRenana Harris-Blumenthal




SWUSY is the Southwestern region of United Synagogue Youth and includes local chapters from Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

PresidentJacquie Mitzner
Israel Affairs VPBen Freedkin
Religion Education/Culture VPMiriam Bernstein
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPKira Seelig
Membership/Kadima VPSydney Suss
Communications VPZachary Krasne



Tzafon USY

Tzafon USY is the Northeastern region of United Synagogue Youth and includes local chapters from upstate New York and eastern Massachusetts.

PresidentMolly Brownstein
Israel Affairs VPEitan Goldmeer
Religion/Education VPSarah Eligberg
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPHadar Pepperstone
Membership/Kadima VPTalia Morchower
Communications VPMichale Schueler


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