Italy / Israel Pilgrimage

Italy / Israel Pilgrimage

Say Hello, Ciao, and Shalom to the most EPIC summer ever!

Italy has a rich history all its own, and a fascinating relationship with the Jewish people. Spend one week traversing Italia – observing the world’s most beautiful art in Florence, learning the history of the Roman Empire, and experiencing the City of Water – Venice. All week long you’ll learn of the Jewish history of Italy, while eating the greatest food in the world! Followed by our Italian exploration, we will travel to Israel for four weeks.

*the dates of Italy/Israel Pilgrimage are subject to change as we confirm our group flights.

June 28 - August 1, 2021

$10,990 ($7,990 with RootOne Voucher)

5 Weeks

Current 10-12th Graders

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