Eastern Europe / Israel Pilgrimage

Eastern Europe / Israel Pilgrimage

Discover Eastern Europe before embarking on a four-week tour of Israel

Experiential travel helps our teens understand the Jewish and secular culture, sights, sounds, foods and so much more of the incredibly unique places we are able to visit. On EEIP, we spend the first week and a half of this journey criss-crossing Eastern Europe to both bear witness to the atrocities of the Holocaust, and experience the lasting impact of Jewish culture on large cities like Warsaw, Prague, and Berlin, and small villages in between. Through this experience, we carry on the memory of those we lost, while actively renewing and returning Jewish voices to the communities we visit. Of course, like all of our Pilgrimage experiences, this is capped with four weeks in Israel as we go “home” and continue telling our thriving Jewish story.

Eastern Europe/Israel Pilgrimage is now at full capacity. We are currently accepting interested participants to a waitlist – though you will need to pay your $100 deposit to claim your RootOne Voucher for a $3,000 subsidy. Interested participants can sign up for the waitlist while also holding their spot on another of our six trips, or just claim a spot in the hopes that they may get off the waitlist.

* What's Included
Round-trip airfare from New York, all overnight accommodations, three meals per day and snacks, sightseeing tours with professional guides, admissions fees, approved Israeli medical insurance

June 30 - August 5, 2021

$11,325 ($8,325 with RootOne Voucher)

36 Days

Current 10th-12th Graders

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