Letter from the Editors – October 2019

Hey USY!

What is a pirate’s favorite letter? It’s been a while since we’ve last talked (written?), and plenty has been going on in the world of USY. Many regions have had their leadership weekend, and the programming year is now in full swing. So what do we, your 2019 Achshav Blog Coordinators, have in store for you today? Is it ideas for helping your chapter be more successful? Is it yet ANOTHER plug for IC? For summer programs? For Nativ? Surprisingly, no, it is none of those things. What we have for you instead is a serious topic, one that scholars will debate the merits of centuries from now. Memes.

School is well in session across the country now, and life can be a little stressful for us all at times. That is why this month, the Achshav team has been busy digging up memes, from the darkest corners of Zack Wolfman’s IGB application, to wherever Noa Kligfeld is searching for sheep now, in order for you, the USYer, to enjoy. We hope you enjoy our dankest of memes, and we hope that they help you all destress during this busy midterm/college application/general chaos season.