Shoshana Sheinberg

Religion/Education VP

Shalom USY!

I’m Shoshana Scheinberg, and I am super-duper excited to serve as your 2019 Religion/Education Vice President! USY has been an place in which I have been able to explore and establish myself as a Conservative Jew, and I can’t wait for an incRE(L/E)Dible year of sharing my love for Judaism with you all!

I live in Hoboken, NJ, the coolest city in the world (#HOBUSY), and I go to the Abraham Joshua Heschel School. My two favorite things to talk about are my pride for Hoboken USY and Heschel (the rabbi, school, and USY club).

Outside of USY, you can find me drinking an INSANE amount of iced coffee, watching Netflix, telling stories about my amazing time on USY Pilgrimage this past summer (#KosherGFries!!), or playing sports. I play basketball, volleyball, and yeshiva league floor hockey. I am a self-taught calligraphist and love rocking the funky socks.

Since my freshman year of high school, I have been attracted to the religious part of USY. I believe everybody connects to Judaism in a unique and personal way, and I want to help you all create and maintain those connections this year.

Why not seize the opportunity to throw another Rel/Ed pun in here:

I am REL/EDy for an amazing year with all of you,

Shoshana Scheinberg