Samantha Brody

Israel Affairs VP

Shalom, USY!

My name is Samantha Brody and I am isRAELI excited to serve as your 2019 Israel Affairs Vice President!

I am currently a senior and a proud member of Beth Judea USY (BJUSY) in the mighty region of CHUSY. In my free time, you can find me snacking on Israeli salad, working on a creative writing piece, or spending time with my friends at a local Starbucks. My favorite music genre is Israeli pop, particularly songs by Eliad and Omer Adam (I have playlists on Spotify, go check them out!). I also love to proofread essays and papers for friends: I’m a self-proclaimed comma enthusiast!

This year, I am looking forward to sharing Israel with all of you through different approaches. By connecting to Israel and learning about Israel in our own ways, it is my hope that every USYer will be able to take what Israel means to them and bring that into the world outside of USY.

This year in Israel Affairs is about finding our own Israel. I encourage each of you to think big, because, as Theodor Herzl once said, “if you will it, it is no dream.” I cannot wait to have EILAT of fun this year with all of you!

B’ahava (With Love),

Samantha Brody