Final Letter From Your 2019 Editors


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Final Letter From Your 2019 Editors

Posted on December 20, 2019

Hey USY! Why do melons have weddings? Because they can’t-e-loupe!! Get it? Get it? Wow, what a year. When we were announced as the new Achshav Blog Coordinators on January 31st, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. And for all the hours of calls, follow up emails, shared Facebook posts, and Continue Reading »

Regional Spotlight: HaNer

Posted on December 19, 2019

Editors’ Note: This year, Achshav has visited every single region in USY. We started way back in April in the host region for IC, Far West USY, and since then we have learned a little bit about each region across the continent. Every region has had its chance to shine; every region, except the newest Continue Reading »

Achshav’s Year in Review

Posted on December 19, 2019

As we approach IC in a mere 3 (!!!) days, we begin to draw the 2019 Achshav year to a close. This year has been an incredible experience for us, and we are so honored to have served as your 2019 Achshav blog coordinators. But we’ll save the sappy stuff for another time. Today, let’s Continue Reading »

SA/TO Scoop – December 2019

Posted on December 18, 2019

GET INVOLVED BEFORE THE NEW YEAR Shalom USY, With #ICSoCal quickly approaching, so is the (goyish) New Year. But don’t fret — there’s still a ton of ways you can make an impact before we say goodbye to 2019. Here’s some brief inspiration on things you can do to fulfill Tikun Olam: – Make a Continue Reading »

Hanukkah Traditions From Across USY

Posted on December 16, 2019

Hi USY! The Religion/Education International General Board is REL/EDiculously excited to showcase more family traditions! For Hanukkah, USYers from across North America talked about their traditions! I hope you enjoy! 🙂 -Lily Selznick, Rel/Ed IGB 2019 METNY Hi! My name is Seth Schlank. One tradition that is meaningful to my family is, for one of Continue Reading »

Regional Spotlight: CHUSY

Posted on December 16, 2019

Editors’ Note: Ana B’CHUSY! C-H-U-S-Y! In the heart of the midwest on the shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago Region USY sits proud (they also are in Milwaukee and Madison, or so we have heard). Whether they are cheering on their beloved Cubs, or arguing with METNY over what kind of pizza is superior, CHUSY is Continue Reading »

Candidates Forum: Achshav Style

Posted on December 16, 2019

Editors’ Note: USY, we’re coming to you as the year comes to a close to share with you about who your future leaders will be. For all of 2020, six of these people will lead you to soar to new heights and reach to fabulous places. We think it is important for you to know Continue Reading »

What To Pack For IC

Posted on December 15, 2019

Editors’ Note: Holy WOW IC IS THIS WEEK!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! Wait, that means we need to start packing. Okay, that’s not too hard. Let me just grab…… Oh no! I can’t remember what to pack! Thankfully for us here at Achshav, and any of you unsure what to bring to IC, Far West’s Austin Kaufman has Continue Reading »

Meaningful Moments – Encampments, Fall Conventions, LTIs, oh my!

Posted on December 13, 2019

Hey USY! Rel/Ed IGB is super excited to be presenting to you the meaningful moments your Regional Communications VP had at your last event. I hope you have so much fun reading and looking at the pictures.  SOOOO MUCH LOVE, Rel/Ed IGB and Shoshana (all the way from Israel) Emtza – Emi Steifel Alperin – Continue Reading »

A Q&A With The 2018-2019 International Chapter of the Year

Posted on December 11, 2019

Editors’ Note: Orangetown Jewish Center USY, from METNY, was awarded the prestigious title of USY’s 2019 International Chapter of the Year. Achshav wanted to give you, our loyal readers, the opportunity to learn more about OJC, all the awesome things that they are doing, and what makes them unique. What and where is your chapter? Continue Reading »