USY Operation 54,000: Standing Up to Change the World

Operation 54000Operation 54,000 is a revamped volunteering initiative stemming from the incredible success of USY’s Operation 18,000! Our goal is to have all USY members collectively reach a total of 54,000 volunteer service hours for the 2014 year. We will accomplish this massive goal by utilizing our chapters, regions, and synagogues to develop engaging social activism programming that encourages going out into our communities and making a difference.

Each USYer will log their hours into an online database, stating how many hours they volunteered and what they did. We will visually witness the hours that USY is volunteering in the world, essentially watching the impact we are making. Our goal is to reach 54,000 hours volunteered by USYers and Kadimanicks across North America.

To log hours, go to, fill in your name and region, how many hours volunteered, and what you did. Start thinking about ways to volunteer, add your hours to the Google form, and begin to log the amount of hours you volunteer! Don’t forget to take pictures of you volunteering or write up a short blurb about one of your volunteer efforts and send it to

This year our Social Action/Tikun Olam theme is a platform focusing on acceptance and tolerance including, but not specific to, gender, special needs, LGBT, and racial equality. Together we will take a stand by demanding acceptance and equality in our communities. Utilizing Operation 54,000 we will collectively make a difference for those in need of our assistance.

For more information, e-mail