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Below is a listing of some events that work well as joint Kadima-USY events. Every chapter should have two or three joint events every year!

  • Bonfire/Hayride
  • Ice skating (buddy up the USYers and Kadimaniks!!)
  • Lazertag (play in teams and have each team be a mix of both)
  • Cooking nights (good at Pesach time – invite a bunch of people over to a kosher l’pesach house, break out all the different cake mixes, etc. you can find, and just go for it!)
  • Maccabiah
  • Comedy Sports
  • Seeing a sporting event
  • Chocolate Seder
  • Picture scavenger hunt – play in teams and have each team be a mix of both people – have one all around your town and have the USYers drive – give each team a disposable camera and take pictures at specific places, or of certain things, or certain people. Do one hour developing and while you’re waiting for the results, let the Kadimaniks and USYers hang out and get to know one another.
  • Scavenger for SA/TO canned food hunt – each team, (which is a mix of USYers and Kadimaniks, of course!) gets a list of certain kinds of non-perishable foods, i.e. creamed corn, fruit cocktail, etc, and goes searching for these foods, accepting any other things they may get donated along the way – the team with the most or all of the certain foods wins!
  • Mystery Bus/Limo ride – make sure it’s to something both groups will enjoy!
  • Purim ice cream and discussion with Rabbi
  • USY-Kadima Shabbat service
  • Go to the nearest big city and have fun hanging out for the day!
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