Good morning, evening, or whatever time of the day it is!  I am Marisa Lefton and I am honored and delighted to be your International Membership and Kadima Vice President.

Growing up in HaNegev, and more specifically my chapter TBTST, meeting new friends has always been my favorite part of conventions.  So, I can’t wait to meet all of you and work together to increase membership!

Marisa LeftonThis year I will be working with my general board to bring a new focus to Kadima while increasing membership in both USY and Kadima.  We focus on teaching every chapter member recruiting tips and engaging and involving every USYer and Kadimanik to turn them into active members.  Since every member will have immense knowledge on all things Mem/Kad, the phrase “Everyone is a Mem/Kad” will finally become a reality!

Every person has a different story about why they went to their first event and why they decided to stay, so let’s put all these experiences together and use them to our advantage.  Whether you came to see old camp friends or you grew up at the temple, there is something that keeps bringing you back to our amazing organization. Let’s harness that love for USY and work together to spread it throughout North America.  It only takes one friend to increase membership so just imagine what we can all do together!

As I said earlier I love making new friends so please feel free to email me any time at  Whether you have a question about your chapter, region, a general membership or Kadima question, or you just want to chat, I am here and I can’t wait to talk to you!

Dream BIG and Follow Your Dreams,

Marisa Lefton

2015 USY Membership and Kadima Vice President