HeChalutzon is the perfect medium for Ahavat Tzion! As the official newsletter of HeChalutzim, HeChalutzon offers the close-knit community of the best club around combined with an opportunity to express love for Israel, our land that love it with all the love we have.

Each issue of HeChalutzon is absolutely jam-packed with wonderful articles (written by fellow Chalutzim), reviews of new Israeli Music or Movies, information about Israeli culture, Israeli slang, an update from Nativ, and TONS of other stuff. And the best part is that the entire thing is written by Chalutzim, of Chalutzim, and for Chalutzim!

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Issues come out often, and everyone who writes an article has a chance to be featured in an issue! But what can you write about? Anything! Write about Israeli politics, Israeli night-life, an Israeli movie, Israeli food, or anything else you think should be in this amazing newsletter! If we were to confine you to specific topics, the newsletter wouldn’t truly be your newsletter – so instead, you’re free to write on any topic that interests you – as long as it has to do with Israel!

Writing for HeChalutzon is easy and quick, and supports Israel by spreading Ahavat Tzion. Send any articles to your USY Israel Affairs Vice President.