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Communications is a world full of meeting new people, being the backbone of your chapter, lots of fun, responsibility and work! There are a few key powers that a super-duper Communications Vice President (CVP) should have. Throughout this page, you’re going to learn the skills and some tips on becoming the ULTIMATE CVP!!

What Being A CVP Is

Communications VP’s must be the stronghold for the entire structure of everything! It is your job to use your powers to let your chapter know about events, fund-raisers, and other topics involving USY. With this responsibility, you must come through for your team, the rest of your board, and make sure that everybody knows everything. You have to sell USY to the common person and get them to become a USY guru, and then hopefully they can bring in some of their friends. Great communication + members = a rockin’ chapter! You’re responsible for letting people know about all your events, and if they don’t know about it, how can they come? With them not coming, how can you raise money? Even this question boggles the mind of the strongest super CVPs. Without you, your chapter wouldn’t work or function, so work hard! Without you, there is no USY!

Your first mission is to secure your chapter with the utmost, most organized, perfect communications ever! To complete this mission you must work hard and make your chapter strong! You are the backbone of your chapter, and even though it might seem like the grunt work, you are important. So take care of …

Your Chapter

There are 12 very important powers that you can possible have if you try hard to be the ultimate CVP! These powers make people come to USY and really enjoy it! Use these powers often and your chapter will explode with membership. But make them fun and interesting for people to look at. Communications isn’t boring! You should use powers such as…

1.) Flyers

Would you believe that a few pieces of paper are one of your most powerful weapons? Flyers are one of the most effective ways to get USYers involved. Most average people get hooked on fancy colors, fonts, and pictures to amuse them and that fact might make them interested. The non-average person is already involved in USY. Sending out flyers to homes is a key skill, that can be fun as well, to get keep your chapter informed! When you make your flyers, you want to make sure that the flyers are as powerful as possible. You want them to contain as much information in them as possible. Times, who to RSVP to, where it is, and make it short but sweet! Nobody wants to read paragraphs on the event! Flyers are very influential; use them for every event!

2.) Calendar/Opening Teaser

On the topic of sending out your flyers, you can include a calendar within your mailing. Calendars give the USYers a detailed schedule for them to go to USY events. Calendars are a powerful tool to use. You can put events, birthdays, holidays, shabbos times, and games on them to make them interesting! An opening teaser gets the USYer hooked without even opening the mailing. It lets them read what information is inside. Almost like having X-Ray vision! (Even regular USYers have super powers!) Make them fun!

3.) Phone Chain

Phone chains are great! But they’re only great when all of your other superhero board members help out! Phone chains are an effective way of keeping people informed and at the same time getting to know the person you are calling. When you’re on the phone, you want to speak clearly, know what your talking about, and be confident! Also, don’t call on Shabbat or Holidays!

Even if the person doesn’t seem too interested in USY, don’t give up superhero! Use your powers to get them interested and soon enough they will end up coming! Don’t give up until they specifically ask for you to stop calling them. Then enough is enough. Another tip with this: call back, even if you left a message. Make sure that you speak with the person you’re trying to call. Be friendly with them too. When you call it doesn’t all have to be about USY. Get to know the person you’re calling. Learn what they’re into. Maybe you can meet somebody really interesting! Try to learn what they are interested in, what they like about USY, and what they would like to see more in USY or what they would like to get involved in. Phone chains are a lot of work, but if you get your board to help you it’s a lot easier!!! Some gadgets that we super CVP’s use during a phone call are:

  1. Speaking clearly
  2. Knowing what you’re talking about
  3. Preparing what you’re going to say
  4. Not calling on Shabbat or Holidays
  6. Call back even if you leave a message
  7. Be friendly and learn about the person you’re calling

4.) E-mail/Listserv System

The next step in becoming the ultimate CVP is using an e-mail or listserv system! E-mails can be fun and still can send the message in a fun way that will keep the USYer interested. When you send your emails, make them interesting, add funny fonts and pictures if you want to spice up the email to make it more powerful. The smartest super CVPs send out their emails 4-7 days before an event to remind the USYers about the upcoming event. Keep them interesting, and the USYer will be interested! Most USYers would rather receive e-mail then snail mail due to the fact that it’s so much easier to deal with.

5.) Website

Everybody now a days has access to the Internet. It’s a common thing to use and have. For this reason alone, you should try to use a website as a power to get the USYers informed. Chapter websites, just like any website, can keep the USYer informed and entertained. On your super website, you can put the calendar up, officer bios, SA/TO projects, surveys, music, pictures, and anything else that your might come up with you crazy CVP!

6.) Make Visits to Hebrew School/Junior Congregation

If you have a Hebrew School or Junior Congregation in your synagogue, pay them a visit. Share your powers with them! Tell them how amazing USY is! Be interesting when you do this. Us CVPs aren’t boring! Bring food, music (not on Shabbat), games or whatever. If you have a lower school with younger kids, don’t hesitate! They could possibly be Kadimanicks, turned USYers, turned superhero’s of USY if they try! You can’t start too early to bring people into USY/Kadima. This job you might want to incorporate your partner in heroism, your Membership VP to help you!

7.) Bulletin Board

A bulletin board should be someplace that people will see right away and will catch their eye because it’s so amazing! Use bright colors, keep it updated, and make it fun with pictures (pictures of events that will make them enthusiastic and say “Look they’re having fun!”) and what-not. Also put in flyers from the latest mailing to keep it updated and have a calendar as well!

8.) Synagogue Announcements

Most Synagogues typically make their announcements Friday night or Saturday morning after services are concluding. At this time, you or another brave USYer can go up and make an announcement of an upcoming event or something about USY. Even if a USY or yourself is present at the service, tell somebody important at your synagogue (most likely the Rabbi) that you would like an announcement to be made. Write out what you would like to be said, then hand it over and that’s it!

9.) Newsletters

Newsletters aren’t only fun, but informational! Within this document you can publish, interviews, games, pictures, facts, trivia, and anything else that you can think of! Even something that you’re interested in! Let’s say sports and movies; you could have a sport column or a movie review section. Try to get involved USYers (possibly your fellow superheros on board with you) to write for this newsletter to show how amazing of a time they had and to try to get newbies involved!

If you don’t feel like making an entire newsletter, which you should anyway, this is the easier way out. But as a superhero you should work hard to make your own! So don’t give up, but if you want to, you can put some USY stuff in your…

10.) Synagogue Newsletter

In your Synagogue’s newsletter, you can include a small calendar, upcoming events, or if there is room to have a USYers or yourself write about some of their experiences. Make it short, but noticeable so if somebody is flipping through they can say “Wow, look at that! Looks interesting, better get involved!”

Some average USYers just can’t handle themselves and need help from those old people they live with. This will also get those old people to get their uninvolved kid to go to USY events which will eventually make that uninvolved kid want to go to events! You should make…

11.) Parental Contacts

Parents do have a large impact on a USYers life. With this, they can “force” their teen to do things they may not want to do at first, but eventually after going and getting involved they will enjoy it! Keep parents informed with events by sending out a mailing to the parents or going to Sisterhood or Men’s Club meetings possibly. A great idea could possibly be is to have a chapter event with the parents that both USYers and parents could enjoy!

12.) Word of Mouth

This is a skillful power that can be used anytime, anywhere! Remember, wherever you go, you are a dugmot, an example! You are USY! So spread the word about it wherever you go! If you speak about it to somebody and I just say how wonderful it is, you can easy persuade somebody into attending an event!

Your final lesson

And those, my friends, are your 12 very powerful instruments that you will be using throughout the year. But with all your powers, comes greater responsibility. Use these techniques wisely and make them fun! Remember, you are the backbone of your superhero team! Without you, nothing would be accomplished! Even though it’s a lot of work, stick with it and in the end you will realize all the hard work that you just did will benefit your chapter.

Remember, this is a very very very difficult task that you have undertaken! For that, you are appreciated! If you need help, ask! Ask your board; ask me even! I hope that you, my young CVP, will take these powers under your wings and rise above and be THE ULTIMATE CVP!

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