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‘Sup USY!

They call me ​​Louis Elliot Popkin and I’m proud to serve as your 2016 International Communications Vice President!

I come from the region with the most ruach, ​​Seaboard Region and the chapter with the most juice, Har Shalom USY in Potomac, MD.  I’m a unnamedmember of my school’s film club and ultimate frisbee club, and was a varsity track sprinter for two seasons, as well as on the construction team for my school’s stage crew.  I love rock climbing and can be found with a frisbee at every USY convention.  Mac and cheese is a lifestyle and a ​​fork is the correct tool to eat it with unless you’re combining it with a quesadilla.  I’m also obsessed with puns and other forms of word humor.

My job is to maintain and strengthen USY’s communications and encourage change that’s beneficial to our organization. ​​This year I want to focus on the individual connections that make USY ​​magical. We will accomplish this by making USY feel smaller, yet expanding our membership.  However (big plot twist); the simplest way to accomplish this​​ is with a smile. A smile embodies all that communication stands for; its a message that engages someone else. Let’s be the ones ​smiley​ enough to change the world.

​Peace & Love,

Louis Popkin

2016 USY International Communications VP


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