Hey USY!

I’m Eddy, your 2015 Communications Vice-President! I am thrilled to be serving on the IEB and to make this the year a Madero headshot‘superhero’ year. I live in El Paso, Texas, where I belong to chapter B’nai Zion USY (BZUSY) and cannot be more proud to call myself a member of my home region, SWUSY!

One of my goals for this year is to have all of your voices heard, even louder than before. I want YOU to be able to connect and share your ideas with other USYers across North America in order to push our community forward.

Did you know the very first theatrical superhero film was released in 1951? The same exact year in which we, USY, were established. Coincidence?? I think not! Since everyone in USY is a ‘superhero,’ together, as a movement, we can use our super powers of Tweeting and Instagramming in order to share the explosive impact USY has on the world.

Like many of its members, USY has changed my life for the better and has provided me numerous opportunities to discover my passions as a Jewish leader.

So get ready USY, because we’re going to have a year filled with 613 times more Ruach!


Eduardo Madero

2015 USY Communications Vice President


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