USY on Wheels, Bus H (Mission: Mitzvah)

July 4, 2013

Mission: Mitzvah started off Independence Day with a themed Shacharit looking at praying in the diaspora. Everyone in the group wrote their own prayers for our country. The group toured the academic village of UVA during the day, and had a real blast celebrating July 4th by dressing up as American superheroes at night and participating in an American sing-off.

July 3, 2013

Mission: Mitzvah explored the Amidah brachot and took a closer look at Birkat Hamazon during the day. It was an educational day in Washington D.c., featuring the Holocaust Museum and the Newseum, which showcases the history of news and journalism. In the evening, the group participated in a synagogue scavenger hunt to determine how accessible it is, looking for accommodations such as low mezzuzot and braille siddurim. The group ended the night with social time and ping pong.


July 2, 2013

Well, it was Mission Mitzah’s first full day as a group and it went fantastically! In the morning during shacharit, the group took a few minutes to discuss why they pray at all. Then, they wrote themselves notes on post-its to put in their siddurim as a reminder to themselves. A little later on, they had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with a hurricane Sandy relief project with Gateway Church in Union Beach. They were able to see the terrible outcome of Sandy and feel great about the fact that they are there to help in Tikkun Olam. When they later on arrived in Washington D.C, they toured the monuments and then went back to their roomss to relax and get ready for their day tomorrow.

July 1, 2013

The summer has officially begun for USY on Wheels: Mission Mitzvah! The group spent the day getting to know one another, playing ice breaker games, bonding, and getting excited for the rest of the summer! They had an early bed time to get a good night sleep and be ready for Washington D.C.

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