USY on Wheels, Bus H (Mission: Mitzvah)

July 14, 2013

Bus H had a fun and busy day in New Orleans! In the morning, they did a meditation shacharit, led by one of their staff members, and the Wheelniks loved it! Later, the group went to the famous Mardi Gras World, World War 2 Museum, Café Du Monde, and the aquarium! In the evening, the group received well deserved rest time by hanging out at the pool and having an eicha workshop to prepare for Tisha B’Av.

July 12,2013

This morning during davening, Bus H continued their learning of the blessings in the Amidah. During their drive to New Orleans, the group watched Freedom Writers and connected this awesome movie to civil rights since they saw the Civil Rights Museum the day before. Then, they went Shabbat shopping to get everything they need for the upcoming week. Later, the group welcomed Shabbat together and are looking forward to relaxing and bonding. Shabbat Shalom!

July 11, 2013

Bus H’s wonderful day began with learning a little bit about the prayer Baruch She’Amar during shacharit. Then, the group was off for a fun and rewarding day. Their first stop was do to a service project with Reality and Truth Ministries. Their duties consisted of weeding, yard work, gardening, and then a tour of the homeless shelter. The group put in a tremendous amount of work and their hard work definitely paid off! After that, they saw the Rosa Parks Museum and finally, a State Capitol Tour. In the evening, the group went to the Montgomery Biscuits baseball game and just got to sit back, relax, and enjoy the game.

July 10, 2013

Bus H woke up refreshed and ready for an awesome day in Alabama. First, during shacharit, they continued their learning of the Amidah prayer. Then, they had a discussion about Civil Rights as a preface to seeing the Civil Rights Museum a little later in the day. Following that important museum, they headed for the Birmingham Zoo! They had a great time seeing all of animals and taking lots of pictures. In the evening, the group went to the movies and had the choice of seeing World War Z or Despicable Me 2.

July 9,2013

It was a fabulous day for Mission Mitzvah 2013. In the morning, they davened shacharit together and learned more blessings of the Amidah.  On their way from Atlanta to Alabama, the group stopped at a grocery store for a $5 food  shopping challenge. The goal is to create a well balanced meal on a very tight budget. It was an eye opening and important lesson for the kids. After that, they davened mincha at a synagogue in Anniston and continued on to do laundry all by themselves! In the evening, they celebrated their great day by having a fun pool party!

July 8, 2013

Bus H woke up in beautiful Atlanta, GA ready for an exciting day! First, they davened shacharit and because this morning was Rosh Chodesh, they had the chance to learn more about  that from the staff members. Later on, they had a full day of tours: First, CNN and then World of Coca-Cola, where they learned about the history of this famous brand and enjoy the taste of it along the way. Also, they visited Martin Luther King’s grave and museum to show the legacy he left behind. In the evening, the group went to Stone Mountain for an awesome light show. Fantastic!

July 7, 2013

Bus H’s day began with a creative shacharit called “Ipod Shacharit”. The staff played different songs on the Ipod and together, the group relates each song to a prayer said during the service. Then, after eating breakfast and making lunch, the group hit the road to Atlanta and volunteered at Cohen Home.  Cohen Home is an assistant living facility. They all played games together, sang songs, ate ice cream, and made decorations! Everyone had an awesome day and the fun certainly didn’t stop there. In the evening, the group played “Get To Know Your Staff” which is always a really fun program. Great day for Mission Mitzvah 2013!

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