USY on Wheels, Bus B

July 4, 2013

Bus B rang in Independence Day by making post-it notes for personal meanings during Shacharit. The big highlight of the day was a visit to NASA. The Wheelniks enjoyed learning about the history of our space program even though we don’t send missions into space right now. The group got to experience a local July 4th festival which included a symphony performance. On the drive home, the group had the opportunity to see fireworks!

July 3, 2013

Bus B started off the day during Shacharit by talking about the meanings of the Birkot Hashachar blessings and creating some of their own blessings to add. A tour of the levee led to a discussion of why bad things happen to good people and the Jewish response to natural disasters. Mardi Gras World was a big and memorable hit, as were the aquarium and the World War II museum.

July 2, 2013

Bus B woke up refreshed and ready for their day! They had a creative Shacharit where they tuned in with their inner drama queens and kings and act out different prayers of the service. After that, they were on their way to New Orleans and stopped to see the French Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. In the evening, the group’s activity was “Get To Know Your Staff” and everyone had a lot of fun! Then the group headed to bed after a long but fun day.

July 1,2013

It was a great day for Bus B, beginning with shacharit and an explanation of holiness described in the Kedushah during the Amidah. Then, the group hit some of the highlights of Atlanta, starting with a tour of CNN, where they witnessed behind the scenes action of the network. Then, they went to the Coca-Cola factory, where they saw a short video on the history of Coca- Cola and saw how the product has developed over the years. And, of course, they got to try many different Coca-Cola products! Then, they headed to Centennial Park and had some free time at a shopping area called Underground Atlanta. In the evening, the group participated in a poverty program, which taught a lesson about handling challenges in life effectively. Then it was time for bed to prepare for a great day tomorrow. Lilah tov!

June 30, 2013

Shavua Tov! After a wonderful Shabbat, Bus B davened shacharit and learned the chorography of the Amidah in the Amidah Slide. They also wrote their own tefillah haderech, the traveler’s prayer. Then, they headed for Atlanta and saw Martin Luther King’s grave. Later on in the evening, the group went to Stone Mountain. It’s a very fun and beautiful laser show and allowed them to sit back, relax, and just enjoy the evening together!

The First Shabbat

The first Shabbat as a group was spent in Charlotte. After an exciting, fun, and busy week, Bus B finally had a chance to relax, bond, and enjoy Shabbat.  First, they visited the NASCAR Hall of Fame and then went Shabbat shopping, and then welcomed Shabbat as a group. Saturdays on wheels are spent having services and then dividing into sichot, learning sessions spent with staff members on a variety of topics, having free time, and also Havdallah.  The group made parsha questions and had the chance to make their own midrash. They concluded Shabbat with a bonding program and look forward to the week ahead.


June 27, 2013

Bus B’s exciting day began with shacharit and learning about the mini Torah they are traveling with this summer. They learned the importance of treating this travel sized Torah with the same respect they would treat a larger one. Then, they were on the road and off to Raleigh! They spent the day touring the awesome Harley Davidson Factory and everyone had a great time. Then in the evening, the group settled in at their hotel and had a ‘sing off’ evening program. It was definitely a fantastic day for Bus B.

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