USY on Wheels, Bus B

July 14, 2013

After a wonderful Shabbat in Phoenix, the group is officially headed to San Diego! In the morning before making lunches and eating breakfast, the group davened shacharit and continued their learning of Amidah blessings. Then while on the road, they visited the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch and were able to pet and feed the ostriches there! They also got a tour of the Monster Trucks! So cool! In the evening, the group went to the famous San Diego Zoo to see even more cool animals! Such a fun day for Bus B!



July 12, 2013

This morning Bus B davened shacharit, ate breakfast, and made lunches. On their way to Phoenix, the group toured the adorable Stuffington Bear Factory and then the delicious Cerretta Candy Company. Finally, they all went Shabbat shopping and settled into their hotel for a relaxing and fun weekend. Shabbat Shalom!

July 11, 2013

Bus B began their day at sunrise in the gorgeous Grand Canyon. For shacharit, they each found a spot to daven alone with the beautiful scenery surrounding them. Later on, it was time for a hike and the Grand Canyon Imax. Then, they broke up into sichot for learning session and then practiced on their tefillah goals to finish up the day. On top of an already amazing day and night, they concluded the evening by stargazing and being amazed at the nature that surrounded them.

July 10, 2013

It was a wonderful day for Bus B! The day began with davening shacharit in the morning, making lunches, and eating breakfast. Their stop for the day was at Slide Rock Park, a natural water slide on rocks! The group had such a fun time there. In the evening when they reached the Grand Canyon, they relaxed and read a story about nature while looking up and stargazing in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

July 9,2013

Bus B began their day with a shacharit service that allowed their creative juices to flow. They made art projects to demonstrate the Ashrei and shared their projects with the rest of the group later on during mincha. Through their travel from Amarillo to Albuquerque, they stopped at Cadillac Ranch, an awesome site on Route 66 where old Cadillac’s are buried into the ground and covered in decades worth of spray paint. The wheelniks had to opportunity to make their mark on the cars as well. When they reached Albuquerque, they spent time at Old Town Albuquerque to shop around and take pictures. In the evening, they went to the Hinkle Family Fun Center. The name really describes the place well because it’s filled endless activities for the kids to participate in. What an awesome day for Bus B!

July 8, 2013

It was a great Monday for Bus B in Amarillo, TX! In the morning, they davened shacharit and learned more blessings in the Amidah. Also, it was Rosh Hodesh, so the group learned a little bit about what that is and about, ya’aleh viyavo, the words you say to welcome the New Month prayer in the Amidah. After eating breakfast and making lunches, the group headed to the Route 66 Museum and then channeled their inner adventurous selves for the Amarillo Jeep Tours. They got to experience Texas’ beautiful scenery and cliffs while sitting back in the comfortable Jeeps! Later in the evening, the group did laundry and had didactic encounters to get to know each other even better than they already do. Yeehaw!

July 7,2013

After having a wonderful Shabbat together, Bus B’s Monday began with shacharit and learning more blessings in the Amidah. Then, the group was on their way to Oklahoma City! The Wheelniks had an amazing opportunity to take a chronological and interactive tour of the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and learn all about what happened on April 19, 2005. Following this memorable visit was a delicious dinner and evening program consisting of improv games and gender bonding Indian-Chief playing. Everyone went to bed early to get ready for Amarillo in the morning!


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