USY on Wheels, Bus B

July 30, 2013

The day began with shacharit, eating breakfast, and making lunches. The Spam Museum was their first stop, where they saw a video of the Spam-etts serenading them on all things Spam- tastic. This entire Museum is one big photo opportunity and was a lot of fun for the group. Then, when in Minnesota, they went to the famous Mall of America and had free time to walk and shop around. After that, they ate at Joe’s Ice Cream which was definitely delicious. Finally, they concluded the evening by going out to the ballgame, where they witnessed the Royals beating the Twins. Such an awesome day for Bus B!

July 29, 2013

Continuing their visit in South Dakota, Bus B started their day at the Corn Palace and then headed to Wall Drug, an outdoor shopping mall filled with many quirky stores and photo opportunities. It’s truly amazing how much there is to do in South Dakota! Then, the group went bowling and had a lot of fun. Finally, it was time for sleep so they can be well rested for their days tomorrow!

July 28, 2013

Bus B had the great pleasure of traveling to South Dakota today! First, they davening shacharit, ate breakfast, made lunches, and then loaded the bus. The group also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop in North Dakota, just to say they’ve been there. Then, they went to Big Thunder Gold Mine and panned for gold! Finally, they visited the world famous Mt. Rushmore and enjoyed some free time there to read about the history, buy souvenirs, and enjoy the tasty ice-cream available there. In the evening, the group had a fun filled game night. What a great day for Bus B!

July 26, 2013

Today, Bus B traveled from Yellowstone to Billings, MT! But first, they had the wonderful opportunity to go on their own  during sunrise to pray and really take in the amazing scenery. When they arrived in Billings, they went shopping for Shabbat, got settled into their hotel, and had an evening activity before welcoming Shabbat together. They all wrote individual notes that their Israeli staff member will put into the Kotel upon returning to Israel.  Shabbat Shalom from Bus B!

July 25, 2013

This morning, Bus B had the pleasure of waking up to the beautiful Yellowstone National Park. They davened shacharit and were able to connect their prayers to things in nature they are thankful for by capturing it in a photograph. After that, they spent the afternoon visiting Old Faithful, the Canyons in Yellowstone, and finally, an optional nature walk. Then, they ate a delicious dinner and had an evening program where they read stories and talked about how they can bring the things they’ve learned this summer home with them. On top of an already amazing day and night, they concluded the evening by stargazing and being amazed at the nature that surrounded them.

July 24, 2013

This morning in shachairit, Bus B learned the Az Yashir song and dance. Then, they were on their way to Yellowstone National Park.The scenery that surrounded them on their journey was absolutely breath taking! When they arrived, they immediately went to the Yellowstone Visitor Center and got settled in. Then, they ate a delicious dinner, had some free time and had an evening bonding program where they shared some positive qualities about themselves and others. They concluded this awesome day with stargazing and admiring just how clearly you can see the stars in this beautiful location.

July 23, 2013

This morning, Bus B davened a creative “Ipod Shacharit” together where they applied a variety of songs found on an Ipod to different blessings of the service and talked about how they can relate. Then, they continued their day by going to Olympic Park and later the Mormon Temple. After that, they had a super fun pool party before heading out to the movies! They got to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show together.

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