USY on Wheels, Bus A

July 30, 2013

Today, Bus A davened shachrit in the morning and continued to learn the Amidah prayer. Then, they continued their New Orleans adventure. First, they went on a tour of the Ninth Ward followed by a walk on Bourbon Street! The group had an awesome time taking pictures and taking in the fun atmosphere around them. Later, they went to the French Quarter,Café Du Monde, followed by the aquarium. There’s definitely a lot to do and see here! In the evening, the group had some time to prepare for the Bus A Talent Show and then some free time before bed!

July 29, 2013

This morning, Bus A headed for New Orleans! When they arrived, they spent the day at the incredible Mardi Gras World! Later, when they arrived back at the hotel to get settled in. After that, they met up with Bus C at a local synagogue to hear a bit about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. After that, everyone had a pump-up party and  ate amazingly delicious ice cream to celebrate the fact that they are in the location of International Convention 2013!

July 28, 2013

Bus A was off to Arkansas today! In the morning, they davened shacharit and learned more of the blessings of the Amidah. Then, after their fun filled drive, the group went to Central High School which is where forced school desegregation happened during the American Civil Rights Movement. After that, the Wheelniks toured the Clinton Presidential Library. Later in the evening, after a delicious dinner, the group had different evening program options. They went swimming, had a workout session, learned ruach songs, or played board games. It was definitely a great day and night for the group.

July 26, 2013

Today, the group headed to Oklahoma City and toured the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. The museum tells the story of the events that occurred as a result of the OKC bombing in 1995. It was a very meaningful experience for the Wheelniks. Then in the evening, the group went Shabbat shopping,  settled into their hotels, learned a Shabbat song, and welcomed Shabbat together. Shabbat Shalom!

July 25, 2013

Bus A began their day with shacharit and they continued their learning of the Amidah blessings.. Through their travel from Albuquerque to Amarillo, they stopped at Cadillac Ranch, an awesome site on Route 66 where old Cadillac’s are buried into the ground and covered in decades worth of spray paint. The Wheelniks had to opportunity to make their mark on the cars as well.  They also had the opportunity to tour the awesome RV Museum. In the evening, the group went to the Texas Show. It’s a very fun musical show about Texas’ history and the settlers in the 1800s. Everyone had a lot of fun there and look forward to tomorrow!

July 24, 2013

Happy Wednesday from Bus A! After shacharit ,eating breakfast, and making lunches, the group was headed to Albuquerque! When they arrived, they could choose to spend time at Old Town Albuquerque to shop around and take pictures, visit the Rattlesnake Museum. In the evening, after eating a delicious dinner, Bus A went to the Hinkle Family Fun Center. The name really describes the place well because it’s filled endless activities for the kids to participate in. What an awesome day for the group!

July 23, 2013

Bus A began their day at sunrise in the gorgeous Grand Canyon. For shacharit, they each found a spot to daven alone with the beautiful scenery surrounding them. Later on, it was time for a hike and the Grand Canyon Imax. On top of an already amazing day, they concluded the evening by furthering their sichot learning and being in awe at the nature that surrounded them.

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