Summer 2013

July 9, 2013

Today the group had an exciting and fun day in Eilat! They went snorkeling and observed the sea landscape in the Red Sea (which is in fact blue!). Then they went to the underwater observatory, where they saw sharks, tortoises, and an entire array of fish. They had a delicious lunch in the Hallelujah restaurant followed by a little time to relax. They all then spent some time practicing for Ha’event before going on an awesome disco boat ride around Eilat!

July 9, 2013

The group began their morning with a relaxing and enjoyable meditation lead by one of the USYers.  Following that, the group headed to Kibbutz Naot Mordechai, where the famous “Naot” shoes are manufactured. The group continued on their next site- Sha’ar Yishuv, a memorial dedicated to a helicopter crash on the border of Lebanon. They then went rafting down the Jordan River and had a great time splashing around and enjoying the water. It was definitely a memorable experience! The group returned to Hannaton, practice for Ha’event, and enjoy a fun evening program.

July 9,2013

The group had their final day at their volunteer placements today and  it was an emotional goodbye because some very good connections were made between the group and those they helped and spent time with throughout the week. They had lunch at their base, followed by a debriefing session where they shared their final thoughts about their volunteering work. The group then visited the Baha’I Gardens,  an overlook with  a beautiful view of Haifa. The group then had a session on social media and communication at their base, which they truly enjoyed! This evening, they will be doing a program on social justice and then heading out to an awesome festival which will be filled with many well-known Israeli singers and more!

July 9, 2013

The group continued with Gadna today. They spent their day in the “shetach” , the area where they worked on field exercises such as field maneuvers, camouflage techniques using mud as face paint, hiding in bushes ,and more!  They also got to experience field meals consisting of canned tuna and corn. In the evening they split up into their teams and discussed many different topics to do with the army. The group will be sleeping overnight in the field before awakening to another fun-filled Gadna day.

July 9, 2013

The group left Eilat this morning and headed to Kibbutz Ketura. Once there, they got the opportunity to learn what it means to be on a kibbutz, took a tour of the area, learned about the various industries and initiatives that were formed on the kibbutz, and even a wonderful swim in the kibbutz pool! Afterwards, they headed to Mitzpe Ramon and got to go rappelling down the side of a mountain; which everyone thoroughly enjoyed! In the evening, their desert experience began. They all cooperated, much like in a kibbutz, in order to make their own dinner, and  build up their “site”. They went on an evening hike and had a pleasant night star-gazing and enjoying the beautiful nature!


July 7,2013

After having a wonderful Shabbat together, Bus B’s Monday began with shacharit and learning more blessings in the Amidah. Then, the group was on their way to Oklahoma City! The Wheelniks had an amazing opportunity to take a chronological and interactive tour of the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and learn all about what happened on April 19, 2005. Following this memorable visit was a delicious dinner and evening program consisting of improv games and gender bonding Indian-Chief playing. Everyone went to bed early to get ready for Amarillo in the morning!


July 7, 2013

Bus H’s day began with a creative shacharit called “Ipod Shacharit”. The staff played different songs on the Ipod and together, the group relates each song to a prayer said during the service. Then, after eating breakfast and making lunch, the group hit the road to Atlanta and volunteered at Cohen Home.  Cohen Home is an assistant living facility. They all played games together, sang songs, ate ice cream, and made decorations! Everyone had an awesome day and the fun certainly didn’t stop there. In the evening, the group played “Get To Know Your Staff” which is always a really fun program. Great day for Mission Mitzvah 2013!

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