USY on Wheels, Bus H (Mission: Mitzvah)

July 5, 2012

Bus H started their day off with an incredibly moving visit to the Rosa Parks museum in Montgomery, Alabama. There, they learned all about her sacrifices to the Civil Right’s Movement and discussed how we can make similar changes in our world today. From there, the group headed to the Crescent City, New Orleans, where they will nosh on some tasty beignets and explore the French Quarter for some well-deserved free time. Once they get back to the hotel tonight, Bus H will be having group bonding activities in order to get even closer as a group!

July 3, 2012

Bus M had a wonderful jaunt through the South today! They started off in Charlotte with a spirit-filled Shaharit service that got them started on the right foot. On their way to Birmingham, the group stopped at the Marietta, Georgia JCC, where they learned a bit about Jewish life in the south of America, an excitingly unique experience. Later on in the day, Bus M stopped at Vulcan State Park, home of the colossal Vulcan statue that towers over the city. At the end the day, the group got to watch the Birmingham Barons, the minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. Great baseball was watched and yummy ballpark snacks were consumed! It was a great way to lead in to the 4th of July!

July 2, 2012

Bus H had an excellent day today in Charlotte, North Carolina! They started off with a great and informative tour at the Nascar Hall of Fame, taking pictures in race cars and viewing the tracks where actual races take place! Bus H then went off to Freedom Park, long considered the “Central Park of Charlotte,” where they had an in-depth discussion about what it truly means to be free and how that ties in to some of the morning prayers that the Wheelniks say every day. Following this session, after their return to the hotel, Mission Mitzvah had a celebratory pool party to celebrate the start of another great week!

June 28, 2012

Mission Mitzvah continued their explorations of Washington D.C. today starting with tours of the Smithsonian Museum and continuing at the Holocaust Museum, where the group truly came together and helped one another get through such a difficult experience. Afterward, Mission Mitzvah learned a lot about our own country’s history, with a walking tour of the Lincoln, WWII, Washington, and Jefferson memorials. It was truly eye-opening! Later in the day, they will head to the shul for home hospitality where they are looking forward to a delicious BBQ dinner and participation in a group program to cap off an awesome day!

June 27, 2012

Mission Mitzvah had an incredibly fulfilling day that began with a tour and the making of pretzels at the Intercourse Pretzel Factory. Following this, the group headed to Washington D.C. to Project Playtime, a center for homeless children to play, where they “adopted” two of their play rooms and cleaned and decorated them. They ended their evening at their home hospitality synagogue with dinner and the ever-important mitzvah clown training; a skill that will come in quite handy for the rest of the summer!

June 26, 2012

Mission Mitzvah had an action packed day, which they began in Philadelphia, touring at the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, where they were given some free time to explore and learn about our nation’s rich history. Following this, Mission Mitzvah headed to the Board Game Art Park, playing with life-sized board game pieces and having a great time mingling with new friends. Their final activity was visiting the American Helicopter Factory. The kids were amazed at the fascinating models they had arranged there. Finally, the group headed back to their home hospitality synagogue in Philadelphia, where they ate dinner and participated in a Mitzvah project, sorting clothes and toys for needy children. It was a tiring but incredibly fulfilling day and Mission Mitzvah cannot wait to start again tomorrow for a full day!

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