USY on Wheels, Bus H (Mission: Mitzvah)

July 29, 2012

August 1, 2012

Bus H thoroughly enjoyed their last day in Los Angeles. After having an entertaining end-of-the-summer talent show last night, the group finished up their volunteering by helping out at local Shul. From there, the group had lunch and a Siha on the Mitzvah of friendship at their staff, Sarah Tudzin’s house. They were very thankful to her and her family for opening up their home. They will finish off their summer with a final banquet tonight, where many wonderful memories and stories will be told.

July 31, 2012

Bus H had another exciting day in beautiful Los Angeles! They began by volunteering their time and helping with a food donation drop off. It was the perfect way to start their day. Following this, they explored the sites and sounds of the Santa Monica Pier, where they also enjoyed a rousing game of Capture the Flag. Later on, the group will cap off their day with exciting visits to famed L.A. hot spots Hollywood Walk and Universal Studios. What  a great way to spend one of their last few days of the summer!

July 30, 2012

Today Bus H got up early for what is one of the most fun days on Wheels: Disney Day! Before they got to the park, they donned their “positive attributes” shirts, which they made yesterday in a fun and informative program! Bus H had a fantastic day with Mickey and Co. as they rode the rides and experienced all the fun at this fantastic park. In the evening, the group will have a chance to see the beautiful Disney fireworks display.

July 27, 2012

Bus H had a great end to their last full week together! They began by cleaning a beach at San Onofre State Park, an act that will benefit many beach-goers this summer. Later, they took a tour of Chula Vista Olympic Training Center, in honor of the beginning of the games tonight. On their ride back to their hotel, the group will participate in a learning session on the weekly Torah portion before enjoying their last Shabbat as a group…Shabbat Shalom!

July 26, 2012

Bus H had a great West Coast day! They began with an inspirational Shaharit at their host Shul in San Diego. From there, the group headed to the San Diego Zoo, one of the top-rated zoos in  the country to see some furry friends. After this, the group will participate in the exciting, “are you smarter than a Usyer?” program. To end their day, the group will work on Tefillah goals/Eicha readings in preparation for Tisha B’av.

July 25, 2012

Today, Bus H woke up to the beauty of the Grand Canyon before they headed out to Las Vegas. Their first stop was at the St. Jude’s Children’s Ranch, a home for abandoned and abused children. There, the group held an ice-cream party and field games, complete with water balloon games. The kids from the center absolutely had a blast! Later, the group headed to Three Square Food Bank, where they helped pack a large amount of meals. Later in the day, the Wheelniks will head to their home hospitality Shul for dinner and cap of their night with a fun visit to the New York, New York arcade!


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