USY on Wheels, Bus B

June 29, 2012

June 28, 2012

Bus B had a wild and crazy day! They began the day with a new Bus B tradition called “Thankful Things Thursday,” where each member of the group wrote one thing down on an index card for which they are thankful, and then those cards will be read right before Shabbat begins…It is a wonderful program that will allow the Wheelniks to express how grateful they are for their amazing opportunities. After this invigorating start to the day, Bus B stopped at the Mount Olympus Berry Farm in Virginia, where they had an important discussion/reflection about yesterday’s visit to the Holocaust museum. It was amazing to see their mature reflections and the way in which they comforted one another in a difficult situation. Following this, Bus B picked blueberries! Such a great time was had, the weather was perfect, and many fresh fruits were eaten. The Wheelniks were smiling throughout! To cap off the day, the group ended up in Raleigh, NC where they’re having a tasty dinner followed by an awesome pool party at the JCC. It’s been an amazing couple days so far, evidenced by the beautiful friendships  that have already formed and Bus B cannot wait for more.

June 27, 2012

Bus B started their day off with an amazing opportunity to traverse the Smithsonian museum of D.C., while some other Wheelniks played football on the National Mall! Following this, they spent the next few hours at the Holocaust museum, where, after just two days together, the group came together strongly and really helped one another out. They processed this visit with some meaningful reflection in a writing program. Afterward, they saw Washington D.C. from a different view; on the water on a riverboat. It was such a great opportunity to see D.C. from an angle most people do not get. It was awesome! They capped off their fun night with a visit to the amazing Pump It Up, which is a gym/sports center that has gigantic inflatables on which the Wheelniks released some energy. It was an an awesome activity with which to end the day…the Wheelniks loved it!

June 26, 2012

Bus B started off their summer together with a jam-packed day filled with wonderful activities. They began their drive with a stop at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, where they participated in a scavenger hunt in order to break the ice among the group members. Following this, they toured the American Visionary Arts Museum, seeing the amazing works of self-taught artists displayed in unique ways. After a long day of adventures, the group headed to the synagogue where their home hospitality was taking place and had a scrumptious dinner! Post dinner, the group participated in their first program of the summer, discussing their goals and fears for the exhilarating summer ahead. They ended the day with a fun speed dating program to get to know each other and had a birthday celebration for one of the members of the bus. Bus B is so excited to continue on in this amazing journey tomorrow!

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