USY on Wheels, Bus B

July 9, 2012

After a wonderful night of home hospitality in Oklahoma City, Bus B set out this morning for Amarillo, Texas! After a long drive south, the group partook in an amazing Jeep tours of the city and its surrounding canyons and beautiful scenery. Once back at the hotel this evening, Bus B will have the ever hilarious game of get-to-know-your-staff, where they’ll have a chance to learn a little about their staff’s background and how they became the great Jewish educators that they are today. The Wheelniks can’t wait to learn more about their wonderful staff and explore the American Southwest later this week!

July 8, 2012

July 6, 2012

Bus B had a special opportunity this morning to learn from one of its own. A Wheelnik, during Tefillot, taught the whole group about the Kedushah prayer. It was truly amazing to see the way the other Wheelniks really took in all of the lessons! From Houston to Dallas, the bus stopped at the Fort Worth stockyards, where they ran around and let loose in the corn maze. A nice and relaxing activity with which to end the week! On their way to the hotel for Shabbat prep, the group stopped to get some snacks at a store to prepare for their “space cowboy” themed Shabbat. Having gone to NASA the other day and staying in Dallas for Shabbat, it’s perfectly apropos and the Wheelniks can’t wait to celebrate throughout the weekend!

July 5, 2012

Bus B continued their new tradition of “Thankful Things Thursdays,” where each member of the group wrote down something for which he/she was thankful. It is continuing to be a meaningful activity to which the Wheelniks have really taken. Driving across the Southern half of the U.S., on their way from New Orleans to Houston, the bus stopped at the Tabasco factory, where they sampled all sorts of fun and spicy Tabasco products including Tabasco soda and jalapeno ice cream! That definitely woke some people up. To end the day, Bus B is touring NASA headquarters, learning all about America’s famed space program and seeing some of the amazing old space ships that are on display! Because they’ve had such a packed week, Bus B is ending their evening with sihot to debrief and look ahead to the next few days. Bus B rules!

July 4, 2012

July 3, 2012

Bus B had a wonderfully unique day today. They began with Shaharit split into 5 different minyanim, led by all the different staff members. It was a much more intimate prayer setting and by the end of the summer, each Wheelnik will have participated in each staff member’s alternative service. On the drive from Atlanta to New Orleans, Bus B stopped at the Mooseum, a children’s museum that explains the Alabama beef industry. Extremely informative, the group learned a ton about what how Alabamans eat! After a long drive, the group will be participating in one of those quintessential Wheels activities; laundry on the road! Bus B cannot wait to celebrate our country’s independence in the Crescent City.

July 2, 2012

Bus B had quite the meaningful day today that began with an activity during Shaharit in which the Wheelniks discussed what inspires each of them Jewishly. Following this activity, the group headed off to CNN to take the famous shot in front of the big block letters. Afterward, Bus B excitingly relived the 1996 Olympic games at Centennial Park and its Fountain of Rings where they saw an awesome water show. This visit was topped off by the group receiving free milk shakes! It was a perfect complement to the hot day. Later on, Bus B stopped at Underground Atlanta, a mall that exists within the old tunnels and aqueducts of Atlanta. They did some shopping and explored the tunnels of the mall…a very cool and unique experience. To quench their thirst from all their walking, the Wheelniks then stopped at the Coca-Cola headquarters where they received an awesome tour and most importantly, free samples! Finally, an already great day was capped off with an Atlanta Braves baseball game, relaxing and watching America’s past time.

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