USY on Wheels, Bus A

July 11, 2012

Today, Bus A continued their awesome visit to Salt Lake City. They visited the main Mormon Temple and learned all about the Mormon faith. Following this, the group did a Yom Olympics set of activities in honor of their visit to some of the sites yesterday. Many fun games and activities were created by the staff for the enjoyment of the Wheelniks! The Wheelniks will end their day with a visit to the Snowbird resort where they will enjoy the Aerial Tram, Peruvian Chairlift and Tunnel, the Alpine Slide, Bungy Trampoline, Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, Mechanical Bull and the new Mountain Flyer! What a successful couple of days in Utah!

July 10, 2012

Today Bus A spent the day in Salt Lake City. In the morning they toured the Salt Lake Olympic Oval and learned about the winter games that were held in the city. The Wheelniks had a tour of the practice facility and the museum and had a chance to take a chairlift up one of the mountains. Later, Bus A came back to their hotel to play the Newlywed Game! It was a great, relaxing, social activity and the Wheelniks got to know each other even better!

July 9, 2012

After an eye-opening arrival in Yellowstone yesterday, Bus A continued their touring of Yellowstone today. They saw the amazing Grand Canyon of Yellowstone as a precursor to the “real” Grand Canyon they will be viewing later this summer. Additionally, they saw the always reliable geyser, Old Faithful, which erupts every 91 minutes! To cap off their night in the park, the Wheelniks will break up into Sihot groups to discuss the topic of the evening and following that, Bus A will be having gender bonding activities!

July 6, 2012

Because they had such a long driving day, Bus A spent most of their activity time on the bus today. They received their Shabuddy assignments, which are anonymous gifts that are given to every member of the bus from another member of the group. It’s always so fun to go shopping to find the zaniest gift in order to put your friends in a great mood for Shabbat! Afterward, the Wheelniks got busy writing Shabbat-o-grams, little letters to be given to each other reminding one another how much they all care for each other. After finally making their way to Gillette, Wyoming for Shabbat, the group stopped off for a little Shabbat shopping to get some yummy snacks so they can all celebrate and relax throughout the weekend!

July 5, 2012

Bus A had some great activities today on their way to Denver, Colorado! They started off their day with a wonderful trip to the Celestial Seasonings factory in Colorado, where they were able to see how that delicious tea is made and buy some packets to bring home. Quite tasty! Following the tour, the group headed for a refreshing dip in the Indian Hot Springs,which have been rated as one of the top ten mineral hot springs in the world. After a delicious meal later at a Kosher deli in Denver, the Wheelniks will break up for sihot to discuss the trip so far and talk about their goals for the week ahead.

July 3, 2012

Today Bus A made their way to Omaha. On the way the group stopped at the SPAM Museum in Austin, MN. At the museum they learned about the role SPAM played in WWII and also got to view the thousands of cans of SPAM that are displayed inside the museum. Later on in the day, they stopped for an Omaha Storm Chasers game, a minor league team where they cheered on the local squad and had some delicious ballpark food. To end the day, they were hosted by Rabbi Steven Abraham’s Shul on Omaha, former director of USY on Wheels for dinner and home hospitality.

July 2, 2012

Bus A had a relaxing day in Minneapolis today after a great shabbat. They spent a majority of the day at the Mall of America, exploring and playing on the variety of shops, rides, and adventures that the mall has to offer. Following a movie viewing on the bus, the group had a delicious home-cooked dinner at Beth Jacob congregation. To end their day, Bus A had group wide sihot(discussions) to debrief on their trip so far. They cannot wait to soon explore the Midwest later this week!

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