USY on Wheels, Bus A

August 7, 2012

Bus A had a great day in and around Pennsylvania yesterday. They began their day with a yummy tour of the Herr’s food factory. They toured the awesome factory, where they got to taste fresh, off-the-line potato chips. At the end of the tour, they perused the various styles of chips and snacks in the gift shop. In the afternoon, the group headed to the Intercourse pretzel factory to tour and snack on some salty treats. Finally, at the end of the day, the group stopped at Hershey Park to meet up with the rest of the Wheels buses and ride some awesome rollercoasters!

August 6, 2012

Today Bus A spent the day in the nation’s capitol. In D.C. the group began the day at the Newseum, a fun and interactive museum about the news industry. Afterward, Bus A visited the National Holocaust Museum and took in the powerful exhibits inside. Later the group took a monument tour in and around the historic National Mall. To end the night, the group will be having a yummy dinner and pool party at their host synagogue!

August 3, 2012

Today, Bus A moved slightly northward, as they neared the last week of their trip. The had a long drive from the Carolinas up to Virginia. On the bus, the Wheelniks thoroughly enjoyed the bonding time with their best friends that they’ve made this summer. Once in Virginia, the group did some Shabbat shopping for their “Pillow Pet” themed Shabbat. The group cannot wait to relax, pray, sing, and eat during a meaningful last Shabbat together!

August 2, 2012

After a lovely day in Atlanta yesterday, Bus A headed north to Charlotte today. On the road, the group played entertaining bus games. Following the drive, the group stopped at the Discovery Place Museum, Charlotte’s wonderfully entertaining science center. To cap off their day, Bus A will go bowling tonight, where they will get to relax, have fun, and get ready for their last Shabbat together!

August 1, 2012

Bus A had an exciting day in the Peach State. To begin, the group headed off to CNN to take the famous shot in front of the big block letters. To quench their thirst from all their walking, the Wheelniks then stopped at the Coca-Cola headquarters where they received an awesome tour and most importantly, free samples! Finally, an already great day was capped off with an Atlanta Braves baseball game, relaxing and watching America’s past time.

July 31, 2012

Bus A had a wonderful day in Memphis today. They learned the ins and outs of The King. On their visit to Graceland, the Wheelniks saw Elvis’ home and musical accomplishments. It is a very cool site devoted to one of America’s greatest musical stars. Later in the day, the group headed south to Birmingham, Alabama. Bus A will take advantage of the long bus ride by having some good bonding and game time. Once in Alabama, the group will do some laundry to get clean clothes for their last week together!

July 30, 2012

Bus A had a great day in Memphis! They began their day with a rockin’ tour of the Gibson Guitar Center and saw their amazing instruments. From there, they saw Memphis staple, Pink’s Palace Museum, where they saw some cool technological and science exhibits! They capped off their visit with a trip to the Born to be Wild Imax. Later, after dinner at their host synagogue, the group will have an Israeli dancing program to get some energy out before they begin their last full week of the program.

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