USY on Wheels, Bus G (Pacific Northwest)

Sunday, July 10th

Today Bus G made their way from Portland back to Seattle. Their first stop was at the Wild Waves theme park where they rode water slides and roller coasters. The group then attended the DragonFest which was an international Asian heritage festival. The wheelniks had a great time participating in the drum circles and dancing and also had the chance to try bubble tea. When the group returned to Seattle they watched a film that taught them about the Jewish history of Pikes Place market. In the evening, Bus G had dinner at a local shul and then met up with their host families for the evening.

Friday, July 8th

Today Bus G davened shachait overlooking the lake. During shacharit they learned about special jewish prayers about the beauty of nature. The group then took a tour of the Harry and David Factory where they saw the company’s peach orchard, learned about the packing process and got some free samples. The group then returned to Portland. Later on the group went Shabbat shopping and picked up food and decorations for their “Day at the Beach” themed Shabbat. At the hotel the Shabbat committee decorated the room they will use for dinner and later on the wheelniks will come together for their first Shabbat of Wheels. Shabbat Shalom!

Thursday, July 7th

This morning Bus G visited the 3-D Center of Art and Photography in Portland. There, they viewed a new wave of art that exists beyond the traditional two-dimensional style. The group then made their way to Crater Lake. When they arrived they had some time to walk around and take pictures of the beautiful lake which was formed when a volcano collapsed in on itself around 5700 BCE. The group also got to play in the snow around the lake! In the evening the group had separate boys/ girls bonding programs.

Wednesday, July 6th

Today Bus G began the day with a hike at picturesque Multnomah Falls. After checking out the waterfall, the group visited the Oregon Zoo and saw some of their favorite animals. Later, the wheelniks had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when they visited the Vacuum Cleaner museum. Later, they returned to their hotel in Portland and decorated their siddurim and wrote personal traveler’s prayers based on the traditional tfilat haderech.

Tuesday, July 5th

On Tuesday, Bus G traveled to Oregon. On the ride the wheelinks signed up for Va’adot, committees that will be responsible for various aspects of the summer. The wheelniks then arrived at Mount Saint Helens, one of the most famous volcanoes in the United States. There they walked on a nature trail and learned about the history of the mountain. In the afternoon the wheelniks went to play mini golf and had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Bus g then finished the day with a pool party.

Monday, July 4th

Today was orientation day for the Bus G Wheelniks! After everyone arrived, the group played ice-breaker games in order to get to know their new friends. Later, the group visited the iconic Space Needle and took plenty of pictures of the city from the top. In the evening the wheelniks had kosher vegetarian Indian food for dinner. Finally, the group finished the day by celebrating the Fourth of July and by watching a fireworks show at Lake Union!

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