USY on Wheels, Bus G (Pacific Northwest)

Tuesday, July 26th

Today Bus G’s fantastic summer came to a close. The group woke up and did Shacharit together for the last time before saying their tear-filled goodbyes. Bus G then began to head home as all of the wheelniks boarded flights at the airport. The summer was truly an experience of a lifetime and the friendships that were made will last for years to come. Thank you for reading. We hope to see the wheelniks at USY International Convention in Philadelphia!

Monday, July 25th

Today Bus G spent the day in Seattle. In the morning the wheelniks visited the Experience Music Project where they learned about the music of Jimi Hendrix. Afterwards the wheelniks had free time to explore Pike’s Place Market. Later they prepared for their banquet and then had the banquet at a local kosher vegetarian Chinese restaurant. Tonight they spent the night sharing memories of the trip and hanging out together for one last evening.

Sunday, July 24th

Today Bus G finished up their time in Alaska. In the morning the group went to the Alaska Native Heritage Center where they learned about native groups and saw traditional native dancing. The group then went to the Alaska Wild Berry Park where they saw the world’s largest chocolate waterfall and got to pet reindeer. Finally, the wheelniks visited the Anchorage market festival and picked up some goodies to bring back to the continental US. The wheelniks then boarded their plane back to Seattle.

Friday, July 22nd

Today Bus G made their way from Fairbanks to Anchorage. Their first stop was at veteran’s memorial park where they had some free time. Next the group stopped at a famous local coffee shop called Mocha Moose. Later, they went through their normal Shabbat routine including shopping and some free time to get ready. Bus G is excited to be coming together for their final Shabbat and is excited to spend some quality time with their fellow bus-mates. Shabbat Shalom!

Thursday, July 21st

Today Bus G left Denali and drove towards Fairbanks. On the ride they saw the Alaska Pipeline and learned about its history. Next, Bus G visited the Ice Museum where they saw ice sculptures and an ice carving show! The group then went on a river boat cruise which took them by some interesting sites and taught them more about Eskimo life and survival in the Alaskan wilderness. Finally, the group arrived at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and then went out to do their laundry.

Wednesday, July 20th

On Wednesday Bus G continued their adventure in Alaska. In the morning they went on a trust walk and had a meditation shacharit. The group then went on a nature walk around the Denali educational center. Later they went on an 8-hour Tundra Wilderness tour where they saw the lovely landscape as well as grizzly bears, moose, porcupines, caribou and grey wolves. The tour was unlike anything else a wheels bus has ever experienced! The group is enjoying their time in Alaska immensely.

Tuesday, July 19th

Today Bus G made their way up to Denali National Park. On the way the visited the Iditarod Headquarters where they learned about this famous race and saw some of the puppies who will one day compete. The group then stopped off for mincha and learned more about today’s fast day. Next, the group saw an Alaskan memorial to American POWs. Bus G then visited the Denali educational center and learned about the park before finishing the day with an Israel program involving Israeli dancing.

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