USY on Wheels, Bus E (East)

Friday, July 1st

This morning Bus E woke up and davened a very spirited shacharit service. They then began the drive to Syracuse. On the way they stopped at the Yankee Candle factory where they smelled all different kinds of candles, made their own and picked some up as gifts. The group then played a round of mini golf and splashed around in a water maze. Later, they went shopping to pick up a few things for their “Boys versus Girls” themed Shabbat. Bus E had a fantastic week and, although many of them did not know each other before the week began, they are truly beginning to feel like a family. Shabbat Shalom!

Thursday, June 30th

Today, during shacharit, Bus E had their first Torah reading of the summer. The group then continued their time in Boston with a tour of famous Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox baseball team! The group then enjoyed a lovely picnic outdoors. Then it was off to the Faneuil Hall Marketplace for some free time to check out the shops. Later, the group drove to Salem where they saw the Witch Museum and Pirate Museum and walked around historic Salem. At night, Bus E had a BBQ at a local shul and played a game before meeting with their host families.

Wednesday, June 29th

This morning, Bus E woke up and davened schachrit. The group then hit the road for Boston. On the way, they stopped off for a picnic. When they arrived in Boston, they took a duck tour, which took them through the city both on land and in the water in a special vehicle. The group then had some free time to explore Harvard Square. In the evening they were hosted for a delicious Falafel Dinner at a local synagogue. Later, the wheelniks went on a mystery bus ride where they wound up at a movie theater to see Cars 2 in IMAX 3-D!


Tuesday, June 28th

Today was orientation day for the Wheels East Wheelniks! After everyone arrived, the group played ice-breaker games in order to get to know their new friends. Next the group loaded the bus with supplies and snacks that they will need throughout the trip. Afterwards, the group had a delicious dinner. Finally, the group finished the day with an evening program in which they wrote letters to themselves which they will get back at the end of the summer. The group is very excited to get the summer started!


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