USY on Wheels, Bus E (East)

Sunday, July 10th

This morning Bus E had a creative shacharit service where they used sock puppets to aid in learning about the content of some of the prayers. The group began their day of touring at the CNN Center where they learned about the media and watched the news being broadcast live. Next, the group toured the Center for Puppetry Arts.  Later, Bus E visited the World of Coca Cola where they learned how the beverage is made and got the chance to taste various flavors and Coca Cola products from around the world. Bus E then had dinner and headed over to a local Laundromat to do some laundry. For some of the wheelniks this was their first time washing their own clothes and the staff and other wheelniks made sure to help them separate the colors from the whites. After everything was neatly folded they returned to their hotel and headed to bed.

Friday, July 8th

Today Bus E drove from Nashville to Atlanta. On the way they stopped for a picnic lunch. Later on the wheelniks played a game of whirlyball. Whirlyball, a Wheels favorite, is a game that combines bumper cars, lacrosse, and basketball. Next, Bus E went shabbat shopping and picked up food and decorations for their “Birthday Party” themed Shabbat. At the hotel the Shabbat committee decorated the room they will use for dinner and later on the wheelniks will come together for their second Shabbat of Wheels. The group had another fun filled week and is looking forward to another spirited Shabbat together. Shabbat Shalom!

Thursday, July 7th

Today Bus E continued their journey. In the morning they visited the Louisville Mega Cavern where they learned about the history of the cavern and the differences between caverns and caves and took a tram ride through some of the 17 miles of underground roads and paths. The group then stopped for lunch and had a sicha (group conversation) about Birkat Hamazon and discussed why we say this blessing and what it means. Bus E then visited the National Corvette Museum and saw cars from every generation (including a rare 1983 model of which only 40 or so were built, but only one exists today). When they arrived in Nashville the wheelniks visited the Parthenon, a replica of the famous temple that exists in Greece. Finally, Bus E finished their busy day by going out for a few games of bowling.

Wednesday, July 6th

Today Bus E made the trip from Cleveland to Louisville. The group’s first was at the Velvet Ice Cream Factory where they learned about the process of making ice cream and got to try free samples. Next, the group passed through Columbus and visited the American Whistle Corporation factory. The company is the only metal whistle maker in the US and makes whistles for the NBA and NFL referees. Once in Kentucky they visited the Louisville Slugger factory where they learned about the production of baseball bats, the history of the company and some of baseball’s legendary players. After dinner the weheelniks had a guided deep relaxation session and then went to bed.

Tuesday, July 5th

On Tuesday Bus E got an early start and headed down to Niagara Falls. The wheelniks davened shacharit overlooking the mighty waterfall. Next, they went on a boat ride called Maid of the Mist which took them closer to the waterfall. In the afternoon Bus E visited the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum where they saw tons of hand carved carrousels, learned about the industry and had a chance to ride on some carrousels that are over 100 years old. The group then made their way to Cleveland. In the city they had dinner at one of the only kosher Subway restaurants in the country. Bus E then went out to the ballpark and saw the Indians play the Yankees!

Monday, July 4th

Today Bus E began the day by learning about the choreography of the Amidah. After some free time, the wheelniks headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame. There, they viewed relics from the game’s most famous players. Next, the wheelnisk visited the Eaton Centre, a famous shopping destination in the city. After exploring the shops, Bus E then headed to the CN tower and went all the way to the top. They had fun taking pictures through the glass floor and looking out over the city. The group then finished the day with an evening program.

Sunday, July 3rd

After a great Shabbat complete with spirited davening and loads of ruach, Bus E was excited to get another week started On Sunday the group set off for Toronto.  When they arrived, they visited the Ontario Science Center. There they saw a live CSI: Crime Scene show where they learned about Crime Scene Investigation science and then had time to explore the exhibits around the complex. Later on they went to a local synagogue for dinner. Afterwards the group had a fun evening games program and went to their host homes for a good night’s sleep.

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