USY on Wheels, Bus E (East)

Tuesday, July 26th

Today Bus E’s fantastic summer came to a close. The group woke up and did Shacharit together for the last time before saying their tear-filled goodbyes. Bus E then began to head home as some wheelniks headed to the airport or were picked up by parents. The summer was truly an experience of a lifetime and the friendships that were made will last for years to come. Thank you for reading. We hope to see the wheelniks at USY events throughout the year!

Monday, July 25th

Today Bus E headed into Philadelphia. Their first stop of the day was at the SHARE Food Bank where they donated what was left of their snacks and food from the summer. Afterwards the wheelniks visited the “Rocky Steps” and raced their way to the top just like the Sylvester Stallone did in the movie. Next, the group headed over to see the liberty bell and had free time in the Independence Hall area. Later on Bus E went out to Amish country where they visited a local pretzel factory. There, the wheelniks had the chance to make their own pretzels. In the evening the wheelniks came together for their “end of the summer banquet” where they gave out paper plate awards and spent time sharing stories and memories from the summer. Later on the wheelniks changed into some more comfortable clothes and hung out together late into the night.

Sunday, July 24th

On Saturday evening the wheelniks went out for an evening bus tour of the monuments. On the tour they saw the Washington Monument and the Lincoln, Jefferson, Vietnam War and Korean War memorials. Today, Bus E drove to Baltimore. In the morning they visited the Baltimore Inner Harbor. At the harbor, the wheelniks had plenty of time to check out the shops and pick up some souvenirs. The group then went to Geppi’s Entertainment museum where they learned about the entertainment industry. The group then continued on to Philadelphia where they went out to the ballpark to see the Phillies take on the Padres. In the evening the wheelniks checked into their hotel and had their group talent show!

Friday, July 22nd

Today Bus E spent the day in DC. In DC the group began the day at the Newseum, a fun and interactive museum about the news industry. The group then took a bus tour around DC, taking in some of the famous sites. Later, they went through their normal Shabbat routine including shopping and some free time to get ready. Bus E is excited to be coming together for their final Shabbat and is excited to spend some quality time with their fellow bus-mates. Shabbat Shalom!

Thursday, July 21st

This morning Bus E had another great day. In the morning the wheelniks davened shacharit and several of the wheelniks met their tefillah goals by leading different parts of the service. The group then went to Richmond where they visited one of the branches of the Federal Reserve. There, they learned about the bank’s role and were each given a gift bag of $100…shredded! The group then went to their host shul where they were treated to an Israeli style dinner. Finally, they went to one of the congregant’s homes for a pool party.

Wednesday, July 20th

This morning the Bus E wheelniks continued their learning and davened shacharit each at their own pace. The group the boarded the bus and, on the ride,  they rested from their early wake up. Their first stop was in Wilmington, North Carolina where they had free time at the Independence Mall. Next, the wheelniks toured the Screen Gems movie and TV studios. There, they learned about some of the famous movies filmed on site and went on the set of the TV show One Tree Hill. The group then got back on the bus and drove to Greensboro. In Greensboro they stopped for dinner at the American Hebrew Academy and had a tour of the facility. In the evening Bus E had a video chat with the person who runs the USY Facebook page and USY’s International President.

Tuesday, July 19th

This morning Bus E had a later wake up and davened a special shacharit for the fast. The group then drove to Charleston. On the way they stopped at the Fort Sumter memorial and learned about the history of the area. Next, the group went to see a 4-D movie of Dora the Explorer. The wheelniks then visited the Aquarium and saw all sorts of unique fish from the area. After returning to their hotel, Bus E had dinner, free time and an evening program.

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