Summer 2011

Tuesday, June 21st

After breakfast and Shacharit the group packed their lunch and headed to Tikochin, located four hours north of Warsaw and not far from Bialystok. In Tikochin, the group saw the town’s beautiful synagogue. Before the Holocaust, Tikochin was a thriving Jewish Shtetl. They gathered in the old synagogue for an energetic dancing and learned a new nigun (melody). After lunch they traveled to the Lupochova forest just outside of town where the Nazis murdered the entire Jewish population of Tikochin. At the site they held a memorial ceremony. This afternoon the group drove to Treblinka death camp. Not much remains of the camp but there is a massive memorial which consists of thousands of stones with the names of towns whose populations were destroyed. They davened Mincha in Treblinka and then headed back to Warsaw. After dinner in Warsaw, Group 4 met in their subgroups.


Monday, June 20th

Today was orientation day for the Bus D Wheelniks! After everyone arrived, the group played ice-breaker games in order to get to know their new friends. Next the group loaded the bus with supplies and snacks that they will need throughout the summer. Afterwards, the group had a delicious dinner with cupcakes for desert. Bus D finished the day with some free time before going to bed. The group is very excited to get the summer started!


Monday, June 20th

Group 4 landed safely in Warsaw this morning. They met their Israeli staff and tour guide Mark, loaded the bus, and headed for the Genscher Cemetery. They visited the area that used to be the Jewish ghetto and saw the last remaining wall. They then davened mincha at the Nozyk synagogue, from there they went to look at the site of the Korchak Orphanage.  Tonight the group ate dinner at a restaurant. Later they met in subgroups. These small groups will meet each night in Poland & in Israel, as a way to debrief about the day and so that everyone has the opportunity to talk about their experiences in more intimate groups. They then headed to the Novotel hotel. Though tired, the members of Group 4 are excited for the summer ahead.

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