Group 3: L’takayn Olam

Friday, July 8th

Today the group spent the morning at the beach for a “coast cleanup” and swim. They split into groups and started cleaning. After the hard work they cooled off from the hot day with a swim at the Dado beach in Haifa. After lunch back at the institute they had a “communicating social action to and with the community” program. They had some free time to prepare for Shabbat. The group is very excited about their first Shabbat together. Tomorrow they will daven in the Moriah synagogue of the mesorati movement. After lunch at the institute together with young leaders of Noam (a mesorati movement) they will meet them for a similarity and difference discussion between the Noam movement and USY. Shabbat Shalom!

Thursday, July 7th

The group woke up very excited for their next day. They headed off to their volunteer placements and enjoyed their mornings in their different places. Then headed back for lunch and some free time to rest. In the afternoon they visited the Yemin orde religious youth village and learned about Ethiopian Jewish Communities and they were told about the fire in the Carmel which occurred close by earlier this year. They headed back to the institute and after dinner they had a lecture on Social Justice in Jewish thought and met in sub-groups.

Wednesday, July 6th

Group 3 wsas very excited for their first day. They split up into 4 volunteer groups. The first went to a special needs school in Ofakim were they played and helped the kids and really enjoyed the day. The second visited Maon Yad Lakashish- a daily old age home were they celebrated birthdays, sang, danced and spent some time talking to the older people. The third volunteered at Ram Bam Hospital- where they spoke to the sick kids played and tried to cheer them up. Finally, the last went to the Haifa Zoo- where they helped the zoo staff clean and feed all the animals. After a long morning they went back to the Institute, and had some free time. They then went for a walk around the neighborhood and after dinner they had a Social Justice in Jewish thought Lecture. The group enjoyed their first day in Israel.

Tuesday, July 5th

Group 3 arrived safely this afternoon in Israel and met their Israeli madricha, Oshra. They loaded the bus and drove up to Haifa, where they will be spending the next few days. They arrived at the Rutenberg Institute and settled into their rooms. After dinner they had a preparation for the summer program, chose volunteer placements and discussed expectations.

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