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Central District

The Central District spans 18 states and 2 Canadian provinces, from Western Pennsylvania to the Great Plains, north to Manitoba and Saskatchewan, west to Colorado, and south to Texas.
Arlyne Bochnek
Regional Youth DirectorCRUSY
Julie MarderRegional Youth DirectorCHUSY
Jamie SkogRegional Youth DirectorEmtza
Maury Jacobs
Regional Youth DirectorSWUSY

METNY District

METNY includes Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx; Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam counties, and Greenwich, Connecticut.
Rachelle GrossmanRegional Youth DirectorMETNY
Yehudah WebsterProgram AssociateMETNY
Mark SpielvogelDivisional DirectorMETNY
Bruce VaronDivisional DirectorMETNY
Michael HirschDivisional DirectorMETNY

Mid-Atlantic District

The Mid-Atlantic district includes all of New Jersey and Delaware, and Pennsylvania from the Delaware River to Altoona.
Dassy MarkRegional Youth DirectorHagalil
TBDRegional Youth DirectorHagesher/EPA
Corey BassRegional Youth CoordinatorHagesher/EPA

Northeast District

The Northeast District includes Ontario and the Canadian provinces to its east, New England (except Greenwich, Connecticut), and New York state north of the New York City metropolitan area.
Max MarmerRegional Youth DirectorECRUSY
Joyce JudaRegional Youth DirectorNERUSY
Seth GolobAssistant Regional Youth DirectorNERUSY
Ellie CarrRegional Youth CoordinatorHanefesh
Sandra GoldmeerRegional Youth DirectorTzafon

Northern Pacific Region

The Northern Pacific region includes the Pacific seaboard from northern California up to British Columbia, Alberta, and Alaska.
Sarah MillerRegional Youth DirectorNew Frontier
Aviva TillesRegional Youth DirectorPinwheel

Pacific Southwest Region

The Pacific Southwest region includes southern California, southern Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Hawaii.
Merrill AlpertRegional Youth DirectorFar West

Southeast Seaboard District

The combined Seaboard and Southeast regions stretch south down the eastern seaboard from Maryland to Florida, go west to include Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and east to include the islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Barbados.
Stephanie NicholRegional Youth DirectorHanegev
Shira KaplanRegional Youth DirectorSeaboard
Abby KerbelAssistant Regional Youth DirectorSeaboard