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Going on Pilgrimage was the best experience of my life and shaped me into the person I am today.

Noa Silverstein, Eastern Europe/Israel Pilgrimage

I now see Israel as more than just a vacation spot, its home. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into its ground and I feel connected to it.

Aria Gittelson, L’Takayn Olam

Being Jewish to me wasn't a big deal, but when all 42 of us stood in a circle every Saturday night and ended Shabbat with Havdalah it changed my life. The feeling that I get is surreal when we all sing together. It brings us together as a family.

Shira DuBow, “Classic” USY on Wheels

The moment that we arrived in Israel brought tears to my eyes. Stepping off the plane, as the sun was rising I took my first breaths and steps in the land of Israel. Words cannot describe the safe, homey, and thankful feelings I felt.

Jenny Gurev, Israel Pilgrimage/ Poland Seminar

`{`USY on Wheels is an`}` amazing, life-changing, eye-opening experience, and a way to not just make new friends, but a new family.

Parker Lewin, “Classic” USY on Wheels

It was a mind-opening, indescribable experience and I wouldn't change it for the world. I met so many amazing people and strengthened my Jewish identity.

Erielle Warshowsky, “Classic” USY on Wheels

I learned about our Jewish past, by experiencing Jewish life in Prague, Berlin, and Poland, before and after the Holocaust, experienced our Jewish present, by witnessing and participating in Jewish life in every corner of Israel, and connected to our Jewish future by reaffirming my Jewish faith and creating a lasting connection to Israel.

Michael Korsh, Eastern Europe/ Israel Pilgrimage

`{`USY on Wheels is an`}` amazing, life-changing, eye-opening experience, and a way to not just make new friends, but a new family.

Noa Silverstein, Eastern Europe/Israel Pilgrimage

I learned a lot about the country and Judaism but most importantly about myself.

Lindsay Uffer, “Classic” USY on Wheels


My child developed deep relationships and was guided by the staff so well in prayer, ruach, social action, acceptance and inclusion, warmth, and friendship. This was a great experience.

Dalit Berlin, Parent, “Classic” USY on Wheels

I am glad that he had the chance to bond with other Jewish kids and staff in a fun environment. This way when he goes off to college and beyond, he will feel a stronger connection to Judaism and seek out Jewish connections.

Carrie Leifer, Parent, “Classic” USY on Wheels

This trip gave my son the opportunity to explore what it means to be Jewish- the history and tradition of our people and the importance of Israel.

Frann Setzer, Parent, L’Takayn Olam

`{`USY on Wheels`}` was without a doubt the best summer of his life. How many teenagers get to daven in three national parks with other teenagers, willingly? Since he got back he tells me there isn’t a day that he doesn’t think about the trip and the friends who he made. Wheels may be over, but he has the memories of a trip most kids can only dream about.

Debbie Limer, Parent, “Classic” USY on Wheels

When we speak to our daughter we can hear the glow in her voice as she describes not only the excitement of physically being at the historic sites, but the emotional connection she is feeling with her new friends…We feel so grateful to have been able to give this opportunity to our daughter, as she will carry these memories with her always.

Ilyse and Barry Leibowitz, Parents, Eastern Europe/Israel Pilgrimage

We have seen an inexplicable change in our daughter. The stories we heard are testament to how this seems to have been a life changing experience.

David and Diane Sacks, Parents, Israel Pilgrimage/ Poland Seminar

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