What they are saying about USY Summer Experience


“[USY on Wheels] was without a doubt the best summer of his life. How many teenagers get to daven in three national parks with other teenagers, willingly? Since he got back he tells me there isn’t a day that he doesn’t think about the trip and the friends who he made. Wheels may be over, but he has the memories of a trip most kids can only dream about.”
– Debbie L., “Classic” USY on Wheels Parent

“Pilgrimage was a perfect culmination of all the years of Israel education [from] day school and summer camp. It captured everything important to my daughter as an active, committed, Conservative Jew.”
– Robyn W., Israel Pilgrimage Parent


About USY on Wheels

“The most amazing yet indescribable part of USY on Wheels was the environment of the bus. I don’t necessarily mean the physical bus we were traveling on – I am referring to our bus as a community. We quickly became closer than just good friends – we became a tightly-knit family. Our time together was not only measured by miles traveled, but by how close we had become in such a short amount of time.”
– Laura S., “Classic” USY on Wheels Participant

“I became a lot more confident in who I am as a person. Wheels made me feel a lot more connected to Judaism and I made friendships that will last forever. I can’t imagine my life without Wheels.”
– Amanda, “Classic” USY on Wheels

“USY on Wheels was the greatest summer of my life. I would trade anything to be back on that bus.”
– Jacob L., “Classic” USY on Wheels

“Life-changing does not even begin to describe the summer I had. I had never been in such an inclusive, happy environment. Over the next four weeks, I was finding who I was. As a Jew. As a friend. As a student. As an individual. As a team member. I never thought I would truly begin discovering these things the way I had before college. This kind of knowledge you don’t get from textbooks.”
– Maddie B., USY on Wheels, East Participant


About USY Israel Pilgrimage

“I now see Israel as more than just a vacation spot; its home. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into its ground and I feel connected to it.”
– Aria, Israel Pilgrimage, L’Takayn Olam

“One night in the desert, when we were sitting under the stars I looked around and saw 41 members of my family looking back at me. It really hit me in that moment what we had been through and how Israel had brought us together. It was an amazing experience.”
– Sara L., Israel Adventure

“The moment that we arrived in Israel brought tears to my eyes. Stepping off the plane, as the sun was rising I took my first breaths and steps in the land of Israel. Words cannot describe the safe, homey, and thankful feelings I felt.”
– Jenny G., Israel Pilgrimage/ Poland Seminar