Protected: Information for Summer Staff

Background Check and Tax forms

Please print and complete the applicable forms below. The completed forms should be sent to:

USY Summer Program Staff Forms
820 Second Avenue
10th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Background Check Forms:

All USY Summer Program staff must have a completed Background Check Form on file. Depending on the state where you live (or where have a permanent mailing address), you may need to complete a different form instead of the general form. Please read what follows carefully.

If you live in or have a permanent mailing in California, click on the state name and complete the Background Check Form that appears.

For your information: California Employers Ability To Obtain And Use Credit Reports Greatly Restricted


If you live in any other state or in Canada, please complete the General Background Check Form by selecting the appropriate country name:

United States (general)Canada


Tax Forms:

Form W-4: Income TaxForm I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification
Form W-4: Income Tax (State of New York Only)