Ways to Save

Thank you for your inquiry regarding scholarship assistance for USY Summer Programs. We do not want finances to prevent anyone from participating. We will be happy to work with you to try to overcome any financial difficulties. There are a number of sources for scholarship funds. Click here for a PDF version of this information.

For ALL USY Summer Programs:

  1. Help a Friend – Talk to your friends about the program you are going on this summer and if they decide to sign up you will get $50 off your program. For every person that you get to enroll on a USY Summer Program, who indicated that you are the reason they are signing up, you will get $50 off your own summer escape.
  2. Men’s Club, Sisterhood, etc. – Contact your synagogue’s Men’s Club and Sisterhood. They may have scholarship funds available.
  3. Your Rabbi – Rabbis have discretionary funds and often want to help people like you get to Israel.
  4. Announcement in your Synagogue Bulletin or Weekly Newsletter – Pick from four available ad options on our USY Summer Program Ads for Publication page. Run it with an announcement with your name and the program you are enrolled for in your synagogue bulletin or weekly newsletter. Send our office (either via hard copy or email) a copy of the ad and we will give you $50 towards your summer program.
  5. Federation – Your local Federation may offer scholarships for Israel Programs (most Federations do). Additionally, some Federations offer scholarship for USY on Wheels programs, as well. Information on most federations can be found on our USY scholarship database at www.usy.org/escape/scholarships/scholarship.
  6. Your USY Region – Each USY region has a limited amount of funds available through their Tikun Olam Tzedakah program. Please check with your Regional Youth Director for additional details.
  7. Hebrew Free Loan Association – Some communities throughout North America have a Hebrew Free Loan Association. Although these are not scholarships, they are interest-free loans, which may also be of assistance.
  8. The International USY office has a very limited amount of funds available for cases of extreme and unique need. There is an application process. Applicants must show that they have applied for other assistance as well. Our funds can only be applied after the applicant demonstrates that they have sought additional assistance through other sources.

For USY Israel Pilgrimage:

Plant Your Way to Israel – Jewish National Fund (JNF) offers the opportunity to help plant trees in Israel and earn money to pay for an Israel trip. For more information on this program go to their website at click here.

Please do not wait until the last minute to seek assistance, since all scholarship granting agencies have deadlines and limited funds.

Along with scholarships, International USY can help you set up a payment plan. This plan will assist in paying for a certain program over a period of time. If you are interested in setting up a payment plan, please be in touch as soon as possible with Ben Varon, Programs Coordinator of USY Summer Programs, at varon@uscj.org or at (212) 533-7800, ext 1117.