TivnUSY: Building Justice

TivnUSY: Building Justice Program Details

Meet some of the partner organizations that USYers will with on TivnUSY: Building Justice:

Planet Repair Institute is a living, breathing node for Neighborhood Repair, embedded in the neighborhood of Sellwood. They employ tools of permaculture, natural building and placemaking to create ecological and social relationships that are cyclical, interconnected, symbiotic, and life-affirming. They are currently engaged in projects to correct the inefficient, wasteful, and resource intensive structures of their house in order to create a home that is built from natural, local and living materials, and powered by captured energies that pass naturally through the landscape.

  • Summer program participants will be involved in a community-based building project. They will meet and discuss solutions with community members and partner with them to build and install the project.

The ReBuilding Center, a project of Our United Villages, is a vibrant resource working to strengthen the environmental, economic, and social fabric of local communities. The ReBuilding Center carries the region’s largest volume of used building and remodeling materials, and it provides resources that make home repairs affordable to everyone, with the goal of promoting the reuse of salvaged and reclaimed materials.

  • Projects vary from day to day depending on what materials have been donated. Common tasks include: unloading donation carts, sorting and organizing tile, trim, miscellaneous hardware and lighting, and de-nailing lumber.

Founded in 1995, Portland YouthBuilders is a non-profit organization committed to providing long term support for low income youth. Each year, they provide education, vocational training, and leadership development services for over 200 young people between the ages of 17 and 24 who have not completed high school and who face significant barriers to success. All students receive career development skills, leadership development opportunities, and long term support.

  • Summer program participants will be working alongside the young adults from Portland YouthBuilders on a Habitat for Humanity work site.

REACH is a nonprofit affordable housing development and property management company, begun in 1982 in response to neighbors’ concerns about deteriorating housing conditions in Southeast Portland, Oregon. Today, REACH owns and manages a portfolio of 1,852 units of affordable housing located across the metropolitan region, including properties in Multnomah, Washington, and Clark counties (State of Washington).

  • Summer program participants will be involved with helping housing residents that are in need with projects that are executed to make sure they do not get a fine from the city. Projects could include painting, constructing/installing a fence, blackberry removal.

Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East revitalizes neighborhoods, builds affordable and sustainable homes, and empowers families through successful home ownership. Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East is an independent affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, a global home building movement.

  • Participants will work alongside Portland YouthBuilders to build houses.

Educational Topics:

  • What does it mean to be a “just” city? How does ecology and housing fit into that definition?
  • What responsibilities do we have for each other to make sure we all have roofs over our head?
  • What are different organizations and activists doing to move things forward in this regard?
  • Where does our nourishment come from? How can low-income neighborhoods get access to locally-sourced, healthy food?