Advisor/Youth Director Handbook

New to the job? Need a refresher on particular policies or issues? Below are chapters to an “everything you need to know about being a USY/Kadima advisor” guide. An more compact guide, courtesy of EPA USY is also found below.

Written and Compiled by Amy Dorsch

Some chapters are larger than others and will take additional time to download. Please be patient.

  • Complete Handbook
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 – Introduction – everything you need to know about USY/Kadima
  • Chapter 2 – The Role of the Advisor – what does an advisor do, being a dugma/role model, standards
  • Chapter 3 – Starting a chapter from scratch/Reinvigorating a chapter
  • Chapter 4 – Programming Basics – Basic planning guide, sample program assessment, planning inter-chapters programming, general tips
  • Chapter 5 – Making Your Social Programs Jewish
  • Chapter 6 – Reality Bites – Dealing with Teen Social Issues from a Jewish Perspective
  • Chapter 7 – The Kadimanik
  • Chapter 8 – Marketing to Young People
  • Chapter 9 – The Informal/Formal Education Partnership
  • Chapter 10 – Using Technology
  • Chapter 11 – USY Policies, rules and regulations
  • Chapter 12 – Working with a USY Leadership Team – includes leadership training activities
  • Chapter 13 – Working with Synagogue Clergy and Youth Commission
  • Appendices and Resources – JYDA membership information, Guide to Leading a Discussion, sample Sicha/Limud outline, Service Outline
  • *NEW* Anti Bullying Statement– Courtesy of NERUSY Region
  • *NEW* Sample Convention Staff Packet– Courtesy of EMTZA Region

EPA USY Advisors’ Handbook– 2009. Most of the contents of this file are for general use, however informaton that applies to the EPA region will have to be adapted for your use.