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Resources for the Kadima or USY Advisor

Are you stuck for a Yom Ha’atzmaut program idea? Looking for mixer games to run to welcome new members? Didn’t know there was a USY dress code policy?

The advisor resources section of the USY website, will provide you with helpful tools you can use throughout the year. To help you find the most commonly requested resources, try the following:

  • High Holiday programming
  • Programs: try the program bank on the home page under “Available Programs”
  • Everything you wanted to know about being an advisor: USY Lingo, policies, Jewish marketing tips, program planning guide and more, click on the link to the advisor handbook.
  • Educational sessions for your Shabbat morning program, 6th grade congregational school classroom or Hebrew High program, go to Pinat Chinuch or the Educators’ Corner
  • Tips for Tefillah challenges, creative service ideas (such as I-pod Shacharit), guide books for Creative Tefillah ideas, click here.
  • What is Hakesher? Check out old issues of Hakesher: the Advisor Newsletter for great ideas on specific challenges such as Kadima recruitment or holiday features such as Yom Hazikaron and Ha’atzmaut. *To be added to the list for bi-weekly advisor e-newsletters, email
  • Looking for high tech Jewish resources? Sharpen your knowledge of Z’mirot and Ruach songs with I-daven, found through “Your USY—Religion/Education as well as “Jewtube,” a series of instructional Jewish ritual YouTube videos.

If you are looking for something specific and can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, email for assistance. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean we don’t have it!

PLEASE SHARE! We are constantly looking to improve our program bank and available resources. In order to receive, it helps to give a little too! Please share any great prorgam you have run in your chapter and we will post it online. To keep our prorgams and resources current, we need your help! Please email your program to

Thank you for everything you do as a:

  • counselor and confidant
  • storyteller
  • party/event planner
  • negotiator
  • budget manager
  • discount shopper
  • social worker
  • educator
  • calendar manager
  • friend
  • parent
  • disciplinarian
  • “clown” or entertainer
  • Judaic advisor
  • service leader
  • problem solver/conflict manager
  • peace keeper
  • marketing and recruitment expert

And the list goes on and on. For information and resources to assist USY and Kadima advisors, contact

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