Thursday, July 28th

Today the group departed for the Archaeological Dig Seminar where they dug to try find artifacts from the Second Temple period. They crawled through Bar Kochba’s secret caves, which were used to plan the Bar Kochba Revolt against the Roman Empire in 135 CE. They then had lunch at Kibbutz Beit Guvrin and spent time at the swimming pool! Group 2 then headed back to Jerusalem, had dinner and then enjoyed a group activity prepared by their staff.

Wednesday, July 27th

This morning Mission Mitzvah began their drive to Yellowstone National Park. On the way they stopped off for a picnic lunch. The group also played a game of football following lunch. After re-boarding the bus the wheelniks watched the movie Bruce Almighty. When they arrived in Yellowstone they settled in and then did some relay races as part of their color war competition. Tonight they had dinner and celebrated the birthday of one of their fellow bus mates.

Wednesday, July 27th

This morning Bus D left Louisiana and drove to Atlanta. On the way they watched the movie Rent and sang along to the music. The group then stopped off for lunch before working on their tefillah goals on the remainder of the ride. When they arrived the wheelniks went out to the ballpark to see the Atlanta Braves take on the Pittsburgh Pirates. After celebrating a Braves victory the wheelniks headed to their hotel for the evening.

Wednesday, July 27th

This morning Bus C drove to Albuquerque. When they arrived they visited Old Town Albuquerque where they had free time to check out the shops full of beautiful Indian art and enjoyed ice cream at one of the shops. The bus then went to a nearby synagogue for dinner. The group finished their day with some fun at the Hinkle Family Fun Center where they rode go carts and bumper cars and played laser tag and arcade games.

Wednesday, July 27th

Today Bus A drove to Reno. In the morning they davened shacharit overlooking a lake just outside Yosemite. When they arrived in Reno, Bus A went out to the Circus Circus hotel where they went to the amusement tent to play arcade games and ride the rides. In the evening they went to a local synagogue for dinner and hung out in the lounge before preparing for their overnight drive.

Tuesday, July 26th

Today Bus A spent the day exploring Yosemite. In the morning the group davened shacharit and had breakfast. The group then split up into two hikes and enjoyed some picturesque views of the magnificent park. Bus A then returned to their cabins, ate lunch and had sichot. Later they walked to a beautiful waterfall and went swimming in the river. At night they did an evening program under the stars.

Monday, July 25th

After shacharit this morning Bus A made their first stop at the Jelly Belly Jellybean factory. There they learned about how the delicious jellybeans are made and got to try many of the various flavors. Before leaving, the group made a stop in the gift shop to load up on some jellybeans for their many rides ahead. The bus then made its way to Yosemite National Park. On the ride the wheelniks watched a movie. When they arrived the group ate dinner and went stargazing.

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