Tuesday, July 5th

Posted on July 6, 2011

Group 6 spent the first part of their day learning about the Second Temple period in Jerusalem. They began at the Israel Museum where they saw a large and intricate model of Jerusalem from the period before 70 C.E. They drove to the Old City, walked through the Roman Cardo in the Jewish Quarter, and toured the Herodian Mansion – the remains of a house which once belonged to the high priest in the first century. After lunch they went to the Kotel, the Western Wall, where many of the USYers put in notes of prayers and thoughts. The group continued to Robinson’s Arch where the marketplace next to the Temple stood and where people would be able to buy food and animals during their stay on Pilgrimage Festivals. They concluded the tour of the south wall excavation walking up the original steps leading to the gates of the Second Temple. They returned to the Fuchsberg Center for Conservative Judaism, had some free time and in the evening they studied with Jules Gutin, director of USY. After that they enjoyed a group activity together.