Friday, July 8th

Posted on July 8, 2011

This morning they started their day with Shacharit at Tikochin, where a beautiful synagogue is still standing. They learned about the town and about Jewish life there before the war. Then they drove to the Lupuchova Forest, which is a site of mass graves not far from Tikochin. Then the group drove to Treblinka. Though practically nothing remains from the original camp, there is a very powerful monument at the site of the camp; 17,000 stones jutting out of the ground like tombstones, some with the name of a town or city from which Jews were brought. This number is significant because it represents the number of people murdered at Treblinka each day when the camp functioned at its peak. The group had time to walk around and reflect, and then conducted a memorial ceremony. Then they drove back to the hotel and prepared for Shabbat. They will participate in Shabbat tfilot at the main synagogue in Warsaw- Nozyk. Shabbat shalom!