Vayetze 5771

Posted on March 23, 2011

by Rachel Samuels

Throughout our years of school, we have all learned the key to success: commitment. Without all of our dedication to our classes, different clubs and extra-curriculars, and our home lives, we would not be the successful individuals we are today. Yet of course, all of our different commitments come with road blocks.

In this week’s parsha, Parshat Vayeitzei, Jacob falls in love with Rachel, the daughter of his uncle, Laban. He then makes a deal with Laban that he would work seven years and then be able to marry Rachel. Yet, after seven years, Laban gives Leah to Jacob instead of Rachel. This is because she was older than Rachel, and it was considered improper for the younger daughter to get married first. Jacob then decides to work another seven years for Laban in order to marry Rachel.

I have to give my props to Jacob. It must have been devastating to find out that his seven years of hard work did not give him what he wanted. Yet despite this roadblock, he worked another seven years in order to achieve his goal: to have Rachel as a wife.

We all need something to get us through the tough times, something to look forward to. In this case, it was Rachel that got Jacob through the fourteen years of hard labor. In my life, when I am having a rough time in school or things are crazy at home, I look forward to one thing: the next USY event. I love opening my planner and seeing that there is a convention or kinnus coming up. No matter how much homework I have, I am able to say to “gam zeh ya’avor,” meaning “this too shall pass.” With this thought in mind, I am able to reach success in school and look forward to an awesome USY event to come. Sometimes it’s hard to see, but commitment really does pay off in the end.