Mattot/Ma’asei 5769

Posted on March 23, 2011

by Arielle Beer

July 18, 2009/26 Tammuz 5769

This double parsha takes place at the end of the book of Bamidbar. We are heading towards the end of the journey to the Promise Land and an incident comes up that teaches us about solving a problem that will effect multiple tribes. The Israelites are about to cross over the Jordan to being to take the land. The tribes of Gad, Reuven, and half of Menashe have observed the beautiful land that has already been conquered and want to settle there. Moses becomes angry at this request so they reach a compromise in which the 2 and a half tribes will inherit the land and their wives and children may stay but the men must continue on to fight against the Canaanites. After all the land in Canaan has been conquered, the men may return to their homes.

This is a good example of a team effort that goes a little sour. Imagine having to accomplish something and members of your team back out on you after they accomplish what they but before you have. It is similar to being in a group for a project at school and having a partner that doesn’t care what grade you get on it because it won’t effect them. These tribes went on to help finish what they started which is a good lesson because you cannot be respected if you don’t help those you are working with finish what you all start as a team.