Devarim 5762

Posted on March 23, 2011

by Jennifer Krueger

In Parshat D’varim, the Jews have been traveling through the dessert for a while and are almost ready to enter the land of Israel. They have multiplied and increased and Moshe decides that he can no longer lead them alone. He says, “How can I carry by myself all of your bothersomeness, and your burden, and your quarrels.” Rashi cites the sages and explains the meaning of this pasuk. He explains that If Moshe would come out of his house early in the morning, the Jews would say, “Why is Moshe early? Perhaps he is having family problems at home. If Moshe came out late from his house, they would say, “Moshe stays home longer in order to devise negative plans against you.” The Jews would look for the negative inside of Moshe instead of trying to see the good in him.

Moshe brings this problem to the attention of the Jews at this time because this is something that they just eradicate from the nation before they enter the land of Israel. In Pasuk 21, Moshe says, “The Lord, your God, has placed the land before you: go up and possess it..Do not fear and do not lose resolve.” When the Jews entered the land of Israel, they needed to enter as a confident nation who felt good about themselves and who were comfortable with who they were. At this stage, the Jews did not possess these qualities. We learn this through the way that they treated Moshe. One who does not see the good in themselves will not be able to see the good in others.

USYers, the Jewish people eventually gain the self confidence that they need and they enter the Land of Israel. As the generation of the modern era, it is our job to continue to ensure that this pride and confidence is maintained within us. The only way that we will be able to do this is if we know who we are. Whether we are traditional, modern, religious, secular, we are each individual parts of the Jewish Nation and we all possess unique special qualities. We must be able to see these qualities not only in ourselves but in every Jew. There is good in each and everyone and it is our job to bring this out. In doing so, we will prove that we know who we are, that we are proud of being Jewish, and that as Jewish People we stand as one united, confident Nation.