Behukotai 5763

Posted on March 23, 2011

by Kenny Gold

It is quite coincidental that memorial day weekend, the unofficial close of the USY year coincides with Bechukotai, the last Parsha of the Book of Vayikra. Just as we close out our year, the Torah closes out yet another portion of its “story.” But it is what is in the story that allows us to learn and move on to the next part of the Journey.

The Parsha opens up with the Jewish people learning of the blessings they will recieve if they faithfully serve God and fullfill his commandments. However, we also learn of the curses that will be placed upon us if we do not live up to God’s expectations. According to Rambam, our covenant with God comes from the meeting we had with God at Har Sinai, and it is from that point on that we must serve him.

So although not every USYer will be on a USY summer program and the amount of times we see one another throughout the summer will not be as often, still continue to be strong Jewish leaders, in an effort to prepare for the year to come. It is the hope that next year we will strive to make ourselves better people, by following in God’s ways and spreading the love and honor that God shows to us.

It is my hope that everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend/Shabbos and a healthy fun filled summer!