Shacharit Live/Closing Ceremonies

For the final religious service of the 2008 USY International Convention, USYers took part in IC Shacharit Live!, the morning service presented multimedia components complemented with musical accompaniment by a band of USYers and USY staff. After a delicious brunch, the IC Chicago convention video was shown where it was announced that IC 2010 will be in Orlando! The new International President, Josh Block then closed convention.

Installation of Officers

The business portion of the 2009 USY International Convention concluded with the installation of the 2010 USY International Executive Board.

Social Action Carnival

The USYers hosted a SATO Carnival for some of Chicago’s underprivileged youth. We had lots of games, food, gifts, and arts & crafts that were donated to local organizations.

Heschel Session

This afternoon’s session featured a few components. USYers were inducted into the Abraham Joshua Heschel Honor society follow by a speech from Dr. Ron Wolfson, the Figerhut Professor of Education at the American Jewish University and President of Synagogue 3000. He is also the Author of “God’s To-Do List” and “The Seven Questions You’re Asked in Heaven” and many other books. He was then presented the USY Alumni Award by the International Youth Commission Chair, Paul Kochberg.

Creative Tefillot

To help create a meaningful and spiritual community, USY International Convention delegates had an opportunity to participate in Creative Tefillot sessions. Selections included meditation, art, drama, music, film, and more.

Summer Lovin’

The feature presentation of the evening was “Summer Lovin'”. This program recognized the hundreds of couples that met in USY, specifically on USY Summer Programs. Thank you to everyone who submitted their stories!

Around the World with USY

USYers got a chance to see some of the experiences of USY Summer Programs and learn about the different opportunities available to the over the upcoming summer.

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